Friday, July 31, 2015

A Minimalist - Journal

July 31, 2015 

The last day of July is here and all I can say is " wow " . July is usually my fun month of the year where I go to the lake , do a little fishing and a lot of swimming with a picnic in hand . 

Not this year . July was a mean and hard month to me this year  . It began with me being sick with a virus and I am never sick , especially with a stomach virus , and I did not even go see the fireworks on the forth .

I worked more than I normally do and that was / is a good thing . I did accomplish a few new things on line , learning to sell on eBay is the biggest step I have taken . 

Getting the rental house repaired and rented was another biggie because it had been sitting for a long time because the last couple destroyed it only months after it was redone . 

I also had finished up selling what I had stored in that rental house from an inheritance , I will pat myself on the back for moving / selling all of that furniture in just a few months .

Home was not so good , I had to let things go here to get things done at work but I have made progress in the last 12 days .

The garden had done better this year , I have worked daily this month with some vegetable or fruit , canning or freezing . I do thank God for the fresh food .

Yesterday I took the day off from the world (Okay all except work , I did answer that call because thats my income ) and I did not answer the phones and computer was cut off . I got nearly caught up . I got the dusting and vacuuming done in the living room and dining room and I got the kitchen cleaned and mopped. I chopped and froze cabbage and okra . I dehydrated eggplant and zucchini for chips . I chopped zucchini to dehydrate today . I gathered up things that I feel is clutter . 

Today I have loaded the car with " stuff " and I am giving it away to people I know . I have clothing to food to share , on my way to work today I will drop all of it off at several places .

So on the last day of this month I will have to work ( That is work at my paying job that is not at home ) , this day actually is the beginning to a new month for me .

I will say goodbye July , I will not miss you this year .

By Andria Perry

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