Friday, July 10, 2015

A Minimalist - The Shed

I know I have been putting it off , cleaning out the shed .

But today or rather this evening was the right time although it was very hot outside .

I have to say that I do still have a few tubs of my dad`s things hoarded back , I know its been years since he passed away but I cannot bring myself to get rid of it yet but it has made its way to the shed and not inside the house . I do still have a couple of tubs from my life before , the twenty plus years I spent in one place . 

So with that being said I did put those to the back of the shed .

Now I have this stuff I had an estate sale out of that was an inheritance , I have six tubs that I kept because I know it will sell but not in Anniston , Al. I will have a sale somewhere else before the year is over . I put those tubs up front but against the wall .

Since my business is being a landlady I have to do repairs so I put the plumbing , painting and like stuff together in front of the " for sale  " stuff for easy finding . 

No I am not finished but it was getting dark and I could not see any longer . I can say its 75% done .

I would love a nice clean new building with peg boards on each wall  to hang the tools , a womans dream :)

By Andria Perry 

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