Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Minimalist - OCD Or Self Reliant

My explanation to .......

I share my world with whoever wants to read about it . I share tips that have helped me through the years become organized . I want people to know that if they are a hoarder they can become a minimalist instead . 

Part of minimalism is cleaning , just keeping things clean and thats all . You can have stuff and a clean house . Balance .

There has been something that has been bothering me , remarks about how I do things . Today it has happened twice , once from a stranger and another time from this guy I know ( he made remarks several times in one week ) .

Let me say that I do write at another site but socially . I wrote a post yesterday morning about sanity and it really did not have anything to do with cleaning but how people see others and that its not real ,  one of my followers said this to my post " Why do you think cleaning is being sane ? Have you ever heard about OCD ? " . I replied " Yes my sister suffers from it " and thats not all I have known people my whole life with OCD . 

Am I OCD ? Probably . But most people have OCD in one way or another and no one says anything about it till it gets weird .

Next ....

A few years ago this guy made me mad because I was working and he was watching and made the comment " She just keeps going and going and going , can I have her when you`re done ? " I looked at him and had a vision of dying because he had me and I cut my own throat . To me that was rude , I was working so hard while everyone else sat on their butt , why didn`t he ask could he help me ? No he was just being the jerk he is and always will be .

This week I heard near the same from another so called man . He came inside my home and seen I had a pan with pecan cracked ( I had frozen them whole for later and now is later ) , he seen the jars of freshly canned food , he seen fresh picked veggies in bowls awaiting me to put those away , he seen the neatly stacked coupons on the dining room table ready for the next shopping trip . He told Tony " Angie is always doing something , isnt she ? " Tony agreed . 

A few days later he was back and I was in the garden picking food . He made the remark " Its 100° and Angie is in that Garden , why don`t she wait till its cooler ? " . Tony said " I have a doctors appointment this evening " . 

Yesterday he stopped by again and I was mowing the acres of grown up grass on the riding mower . I felt someone watching me as I worked and I looked back at the house and he was on the deck staring , I waved and continued working . This was the reply to my work today " She never stops , look at her go " . Exactly " watch " me work , I had 2 acres of tall grass to mow , alone , in one day .

A real man would have stopped me on the mower and took over , to help me mow the three foot tall grass , A real man would have came out to the garden and helped me pick the food . A real man would NOT have just watched .

Everyone knows Tony has been sick for years . But not one " MAN " has stepped up and asked ME if I need help . 

So am I OCD ? NOPE . I am just getting things done that has to be done , keeping food in the house to eat not just for today but all Winter . Cleaning the house so its not a pig pen . Mowing the grass to keep snakes and other wild animals away . 

Doing what a woman has to do to make it in this world . No one knows how tired I am before eight pm every night , they just think I continue to go and go and go .

And now I have to wonder  " Where have all the men gone ? "

By Andria Perry 

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  1. There will always be a few jerks placed in our path. Smile and keep going.