Sunday, July 19, 2015

A Minimalist - Selling On eBay And Craig`s list

This is not the normal for me  . I have in the past thought about selling on eBay but I would wave that thought aside , knowing I would  have to keep stuff in the house . Clutter .

After a week or so and no selling with only lookers I had decided to take down all the items I had posted . I don`t have fancy name brand things but I do have new items and they are what I would call priced cheap enough . 

Then yesterday I made a sell and Monday I will mail it out .  Maybe I am just not patient enough and should give it a little longer . Maybe I should research how to boost selling , that is probably what I need to do . 

Now to Craig`s list . I did post the furniture and some books on Craig`s list and I had a good turn out over a month`s time . I made hundreds of dollars . I sold books , t.v.`s , kitchen tables , kitchen chairs (a separate set ) , bedroom suits and household stuff . I also posted the estate sale ( I staged  the rental  house with ALL the stuff I inherited and did not want or traded things out and sold my stuff,  it was a house full  ) and I did good that day with just household things . 

But the downside to Craig`s list is that you have a lot of people to come look and decided they don`t want it . I had only one guy come by to see " ME " but I was never alone and that fizzled out instantly .

What I had left of the inherited stuff I gave away except a bed frame ( mine ) and the antique chaise lounge and two matching side tables . I am storing that in my old home place till I get that place ready to move in  .

I did do better on Craig`s list because I had two 17 foot U-hauls full  and what I mentioned above is all I had left .

BUT , I still have that little voice in the back of my mine saying " get rid of it , it nothing but clutter ! " . 

By Andria Perry


  1. Send that little voice my way please. I need that little kick in the azz.

  2. My sister and her husband sell a lot on an on-line yard sale, but they meet people with the merchandise in public places.