Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A Minimalist - Answer

Yesterday I did have one person ask or state this " hoard or recycle ? " to a post about hoarding trash to reuse or to recycle .

I am sure most everyone has seen the shows on television about hoarding . How recycling  gets out of hand and things pile up and it used to be there as " I can make this with the trash " . Most trash is 100% recyclable , just check on the bottom or side of the item . 

I have seen people who hoarded old plastic milk jugs to magazines . The milk jugs for future tea making and the magazines for art . In the end all of it had to be thrown out because you do not need fifty milk jugs for a gallon of tea and one hundred magazines to clip up for art . Most have good intentions but life gets in the way of creating art for the most part because we have to work to make a living .

If you have to haul your recycling like I do and you see it piling up into a massive hoard , don`t do that ! You throw it in the trash because it has became trash. There is no need to pile anything up , even with good intentions . When you do you are inviting rats and more into your home and thats a health hazard .

By Andria Perry

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