Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Minimalist - Trash

Determining if something is trash is a big question .

Most hoarders find a use for every single thing , even recyclables .  And when I say it as recyclables I mean plastic bottles and paper that needs to be taken in to the recycling center , not kept at home to pile up for " I might " can make something out of that . That is not logical thinking .

If you keep something that had food and /or a drink it in then its recyclable or trash . Some things just cannot be recycled , plastic wraps from raw meat and hamburger wrappers are two . 

I do keep a few (3 ) small 20 ounce coke bottle , I fill them 3/4 with water and I freeze them . When I go into town I put a couple in the small car cooler and add soda or water . I don`t buy ice or a drink when I do this . When the day is over I return them to the freezer for the next trip . 

When something is broken and cannot be fixed , thats trash .

Broken dishes , including cracked and  chipped . You can easily cut yourself and its not worth keeping something that is dangerous .

Clothing that is thread bare or full of holes . Why let those take up space ? Let them go already !

What you should tell yourself when you are going through your things is " I deserve only good stuff and this is trash " , then place it in the trash can and let it go .

by Andria Perry


  1. There is a fine line between recycling/upcycling and hoarding!

  2. Broken dishes are great to make stepping stones designs out of them. Otherwise I agree they are just that, trash.