Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Minimalist - Backtrack - About Me

I grew up in a big family but we did not have a hoarded house . My Mom passed and my dad raised us the same way with minimal things . He remarried and he began to hoard stuff , pretty what not`s to set around , everything for the kitchen . But I think he thought he was being good to her but it was hard to clean a room filled with what not`s on every table / shelf .

I moved out early with just the basic for life , one truck would move what I owned . Thats when people would give me a couch and later someone else a chair . Nothing matched but I did not care , this was good enough for now .

Then I moved in with a hoarder , not that his house was piled up high but he " saved " things for later . So now there was two of everything :/ . I tried my best to get rid of things but then the guilt trips would come " but so and so gave that to you " or " you better keep that I am not sure if I will have the money for new anytime soon " . The basement went through many hoards , only for each to be hauled to the dump every few years . And No , it was not piled up in my living area , most of it was always in the basement or in the yard .

I discovered Feng Shui and I found some inner peace with this practice. A minimal lifestyle . What I was raised to be , a minimalist .

About a year later  I moved and I changed my life . I told him he could come but ALL that was not . I walked off and left the hoard . AND it was so hard to leave your stuff . I would move a truck load out at a time to sell off , get some of the money back , sometimes I would just give it away to get rid of it .

 With the big move and change of my life I had some clothes , a couple dishes , a sofa , a t.v. and a bed . That was 2009 and its been a struggle .

Right now I am living in a three bedroom home and I am feeling it becoming to full and why ? Because I just inherited a house full of furniture and their life . Does this ever end ? I will be writing about my struggle as a minimalist and the love of things old and new . 

By Andria Perry

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