Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Minimalist - Journal -Journey

June 23, 2015 

I didn`t sit in the office all day and work on line , instead I got up and began to slay the paper monster waiting on me in the living room , the ottoman was full of old papers to go through , some to burn , some to recycle and some to file for taxes .

BUT then Tony had one of his " I need to go " spells so I had to leave and go do what he wanted , wasting time for nothing . I could have did what he wanted to do tomorrow when I knew I was going into town . I try to save gas . 

When I got back it was time to prepare dinner and while it was cooking I was slicing and freezing meats that I bought in bulk .

Instead of sitting and eating at the t.v. I got on the computer and tried to earn a little money while I ate dinner .  I was behind .

Later I sat down and began to get the stack of papers out of my way , I worked for a while and then I got up and washed dishes , cleaned blackberries for the freezer .

Some days I wished I did not have to leave the house , well most days . I am tired and I didn`t accomplish anything that I had planned .

By Andria Perry

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