Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Minimalist - Financial Freedom

When the day comes and you have went through ALL of your belongs and you see that you do have plenty , That is the day you have financial freedom !

I am not saying this will feel easy because its not . 

I have been in marketing a little here and there ,  not at a professional level , but I understand the aim . And thats you . 

Marketing is everywhere and we are not even paying attention but its soaking up into our heads . 

Marketing is to take our money and most of the time we really don`t need what is being sold , most things we buy are made to last as long as they are taken care of properly .

Bigger house now reduced from $500,000 to $300,000 . More clothes because there is a 70% sale . New furniture because its the 50% off Forth of July sale. End of the year blow out clearance " get your new car Now ! " sale. 

See what I am talking about ? 

Now imagine Living in the home you fell in love with and feeling satisfied . Driving the car you loved and all it needs is for you to maintain it . Only buying clothing and furniture because you wore out what you have . 

Then taking a looking at your bank account to see you actually have money , the money you have worked so hard for . Money that you can  take that long deserved vacation . You have the money you worked daily for to live on and not HAVE to live pay day to pay day always in debt. 

I can say its not easy resisting all the ads and refusing to be brainwashed by the big companies but it is doable .

I am sure you are on your way to Financial Freedom !

By Andria Perry

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