Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Minimalist - Outside

The tell tell signs that a hoarder live in a place is the outside , Yes the yard / lot / lawn . How ever you want to say it .

I remember several years ago I was house hunting and I did not want to move to a neighborhood like the one I had just left so I didn`t just look at the place that was for rent or sale I looked at the neighborhood first . How well was the neighborhood maintained . Once I found this nice area with a nice home on a huge lot but as you came into the cul-de-sac their was this house and you knew a hoarder lived there because there was EVERYTHING all over that acre lot , so anyone coming and going had to look at that place. I did not even asked to get inside this house to see it because that turned me around right there .

I know that this outside hoarder  doesn`t determine if there is a hoarder there but it does if they are at the point of being on T.V. .

The hoarder in this house will for sure junk up the yard or have the what he calls " a bone yard " for things he may need later. Eventually it always gets hauled to the dump .

Keeping the outside cleaned up is the easier part for me , I do deal with the small ( soon to be hauled off  ) area but for the most part its stays cleaned up . Just mow the lawn and thats all . I also gave up yard art because once it starts everyone will pile that crap all in your yard as gifts  .

To me keeping a clean and junk free lawn shows you have pride in your home. 

How about you ? looking forward to hearing your thoughts .

By Andria Perry

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