Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Minimalist - Respect

If you respect what you have bought with your hard earned money then you will not have to replace things as often .

Respect comes in all forms , from keeping your home neat and orderly but its much more. 
Cleaning the kitchen keeps illness down and that saves money and pain .

Taking care of your clothing and not letting it pile up and mildew .  

Making sure the air filter is changed in your homes  A/C unit . 

Washing and and vacuuming your car , making sure the oil is changed in your car all this shows you have respect for the hard work you have done , your accomplishment .

Buying a home is not cheap nor is buying a car so why not respect them by taking good care of your investment .

Hoarders often buy one home and pile it to the ceiling with stuff , just thrown down in the floor , layer after layer and it begins to rot later after layer . Then they buy another place or rent and repeat the same cycle over and over . Disrespecting the money they earned or inherited .

Some say this is a mental illness and I do agreed to some point but I think this type of behavior is taught , for the most part laziness .

That is why I say " Involve your children in cleaning up and do not allow them hoard , show them money is hard to come so respect what you have " .

What is your opinion ?

By Andria Perry

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