Monday, June 22, 2015

A Minimalist - And There Are Books

I am not sure if everyone is like me about Books . I love to read and I am not to picky , I will read anyone and its not just novels but how to books and cook books .

I can say that I am doing better with getting rid of books I have read . Back in 2009 I think I had around five hundred books and most of them I had read .

I am not sure what makes me want to keep a good book , I am sure I will not read it again because I have tried .

So I did this , I picked out a couple of my all time favorite authors and kept their books . I went through the cook books and kept the best . Then I donated ALL of them to the Salvation Army thrift store . Since that donation I now send them to the nursing homes a few at a time or a box at a time because these people have nothing and they really do appreciate the free books .

I am not one to download books so I began to go to the Library and just check out books . By doing this I am still getting what I want without spending money and having a cluttered up office  . Another plus is the dust factor , thats all gone when you limit the books = dust collectors .

But this I will say " Living without books would be lonely " . Although I am working on this in my life I can say that this house will never be Book free .

How about you ? love or hate the books ?

By Andria Perry

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