Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Minimalist - Children And Stuff - After

I do not believe in bribing a child with money to do stuff at ALL !

But if you want something done , then you can get them to do whatever with a weekly allowance. 

My dad was a single parent and he could not work all day in construction and do all the cooking and housework . So he gave me and my little sister a weekly allowance to keep the house clean and to cook meals . A teen and a preteen .

Now how to apply this to your own child no matter what age . For the biggest part let all the work be in their room and where they play if they are small children .

Sit your child down and have a heart to heart . Have a list of expectation / work that you would like your child to do and have the set amount you want to pay them  . Do not allow the child to make the amount they want to earn . 

Tell him / her that you need help and that if he or she is willing to help you will give them $ each week if they do what is on the list and read that list to them . Also let them know you will NOT nag them to get up and do it , if they fail to do the work they won`t get the allowance.

If they agree hang the list on the fridge door .

Usually you as the parent know they want something that costs a lot so you can remind the child they can save for what they want with the money THEY work for .

How about it ? think your child will do this ? 

By Andria Perry

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