Monday, June 22, 2015

A Minimalist - My Weekly Journal

Its late on June 21 , 2015 and time to reflect on what accomplishments I have made in life as a minimalist . 

Last week was a week to get my life back together after over doing lifting  and plain old over worked . 

I managed to get the main bathroom cleaned up ,  that includes scrubbing the tub , sink and toilet . I mopped the floor and washed the bath rug.

On Thursday I cleaned out my walk in closet and removed a tub full of clothes to sell . Some still had the tags on them , they no longer will fit :/

I put in a days work at the rental house making sure that everything was on and ready for a yard sale on Saturday plus I mowed the grass there .

The yard sale closed early due to rain so I came home and caught up on sleep , then I started the laundry and  I changed my bed sheets . I washed , dried and folded three loads of laundry . Next I washed the throw rugs  from the back door , the ones that had been feet wipes when it was muddy .

Sunday After Church I swept and mopped the Kitchen and laundry room . Then I made it a complete cleaning for my bathroom , I wiped down cabinets and cleaned mirrors besides the sinks and toilet and I swept and mopped . Next was my Bedroom , I vacuumed and dusted . I can brag that my bedroom is never cluttered , its always neat .

I skipped clipping coupons this week , I did not like the coupons that was offered  . 

I am still doing the paper filing after the closet clean out where I had it stored . I did make over half of it recyclable and the rest goes into the tax filing section of my paperwork .

I still have a couple rooms that need vacuumed and dusted but I got the main stuff cleaned and I will have to work on the rest on my next day off and I am not sure if I will get Monday off or not .

Since I am almost 100% back from my back injury I can see getting things back clean and the way I like them and thats lived in but not a disaster .

How was your past week ?

By Andria Perry

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