Friday, October 20, 2017

Getting Off The Grid - A Scattered Week

Fresh Kale

October 20, 2017

I usually call life like this past week bouncing but scattered suits it better because while I did not finish anything I did make a few accomplishments, when bouncing you do not see very much of anything.

I have began the bartering with a friend, greens for pecans. Although I would give her greens for nothing in return and I know she would for me, I still feel better to give something for what I get. I dropped off a medium size mess of greens and I will pick up pecans next week and if the greens are big enough take another mess of greens with me that day.

Progress  Around the Homestead :

unfinished greenhouse

I did not have to take the plastic off the greenhouse because the unexpected rain and wind of last Sunday night did that for me, so I straightened out the wet plastic and turned it the right way so that two pieces could be put up. Tony came down to the field and helped, a bit mouthy but I made do with the help. Although its not done yet its well on its way. 

I have a few odd and end shelves to put inside until I can make shelves. I still have to get the heat source bought. I will try to buy those cheaper if I can possibly get the man to go down on his prices. 

I did very little work on the back yard for the dogs, I left Harley tied to a chain stake and he escaped! Broke his collar and took off into the neighbors field. Tony got the truck and Roscoe hopped on the back as I got in the front, off to find Harley. We rode down the rode and not in sight through the waist high grass, so Tony heard him, I got out opened the tailgate for Roscoe and said " Go get Harley," I watched Roscoe go straight to him, I had to tote Harley across the field and Roscoe ran back home. This is why I will use the electric fence. This was the reason I did not get much accomplished in the back, chasing Harley the beagle.

I did get a few of the basil babies transplanted, this is for my in home use, the rest will be potted up and hopefully sold next year, if its Gods will.

What`s In The Garden :

This is just a repeat of last week, a little more okra and new greens.

And the lemons are turning yellow and I will soon use them, maybe I will make a sugar free lemon cheese pie. 

I must remember to check and see if I have Swiss chard aka beets coming up, I forgot all about them.

The Stock Pile :

This week I did not put anything from the garden into jars. However, I did put to use the carrots and potatoes that needed to be eaten or canned and I used the dry beans, making meals. 

I have canned meats, vegetables and fruits but not so many meals in a jar and that is what I need. That quick homemade soup or chili. 

I made 14 pints of chili, seven with pinto beans and hamburger and seven with red beans, to suit the taste of everyone in the house.

I also made a Seven pints vegetable soup loaded with vegetables so one pint will fill you up! 

Learning :

This week was a working week, for both jobs. The landlady job and the caregiver job. I did not learn much and I am waiting on the new mushroom book I ordered last week. 

How is life going on your homestead?

By Andria Perry
Photos By Andria Perry

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

My Minimal Hoarding Life - 5 Days Later

October 17,2017

Now many of you think "What can anyone accomplish worth talking about in 5 days?"

And I am here to tell you its a lot. When you hoard and are trying to be  minimal everything is worth talking about. Even the smallest of cleaning jobs or the removal of a magazine.

The past year was not kind to me and I am now just picking up the pieces and putting life back together. Less worry there and more time for my life and home, my dreams and wishes.

The Cleaning :

Last week I tackled the office, the spare bedroom, the hall and one bathroom.

To read more click here : Back into that grove 

On Saturday I had to do a major kitchen clean up it was just terrible. I had worked at the make a living jobs and did the whole days working with the back of the house (office and bedroom, bath and hall) so I let the kitchen go except for washing dishes. I had food from the garden that needed to be prepared for the deep freezer besides cleaning. The living room and dining room were due to be vacuumed and dusted as well. I also needed to clean the lawn and the fields.

Since Tony went hunting on Saturday I began by cleaning the living room and the dining room because he is in that area most so I got it vacuumed, and dusted, put every thing back into its place that did not belong in the living room. I also filed all the paperwork on the dining room table, vacuumed and dusted that area.

The kitchen was next, I washed all the dishes and I began to slice and dice all the veggies for the freezer, got that out of the way. I wiped down all the counter tops and I swept the floors. I cleaned off the kitchen table, put thing back into their place, and wiped down those chairs and dusted the breakfast nook. I took out the trash. I did not mop.

Next I got to the laundry room. I had milk jugs filled with water that needed to go outside at the back door as well as a few recyclable items, those went to the garage. Why do I save water? Last winter I had a pipe freeze and bust, no water for three days but I used what little  I had in milk jugs to wash dishes and flus the toilet, so it saved me. I will hoard water!

So in two days, although split, I did manage to clean the house. 

On Sunday I went outside and I took care of the mowing. I picked up any trash that the wind blows into the yard, from God knows where, and I mowed for three hours. I also tackled one more section of the back grown over field, I still have about 1/3 of that area to get cleared. But Sunday I had help from Tony, he cleaned up one of his "dump" piles by burning the old throw away wood and he laid the metal aside to be taken off this coming Saturday. Although Tony is not able to do a lot right now I was proud to get that cleaned up and it was not a hard thing for him to do.

I feel accomplished with this massive clean up. 

Now its start over once again. Time to vacuum and dust my bedroom, clean the bathrooms and do the laundry. 

The Removal : 

I did not take anything out of the home within the past five days. I did not bring anything new in either, besides food.

How have you improved you life? 

By Andria Perry
Photos By Andria Perry

Thursday, October 12, 2017

My Minimal Hoarding Life - Back Into That Grove

October 12, 2017

I will say that life has not been kind to me this year but I cannot allow that to get in the way of what I need to do to keep up my own health and not just others.

I do not call people who hoard lazy although some laziness is my problem and I know some people say hoarding is a mental illness but I beg to differ, there are many stages of hoarding. Yes there are people who are mentally ill and hoard trash and feces and stack it up to the ceilings but I am not talking about that type of hoarding, I am talking about buying new stuff for yourself and not getting around to cleaning out the old and getting rid of that, This is how I hoard but never meaning to.

Since this was the year I had to take over everything, meaning all the work and heavy lifting, for the most part I have been just to tired to worry about cleaning out that closet. But now its October and winter is just around the corner I need to get things in order so I can relax a tiny bit ( if its God`s will) this winter. A plus is after doing everything I have built my body up with muscle and I can take on more than I could back in the spring.

So let`s see what I have been able to do to get this place in better shape.

Cleaning :

This fall has been killer on the allergies so I am making the effort to vacuum and dust more in my bedroom, for the longest I have been keeping the rooms that Tony live in cleaner due to the cancer and allowing my ares to go till later, then later never came.

And the office, I spend a few hours a day in the office and it was by far the dustiest room of the house, because no one came in here but me. Last Monday I cleaned the office from top to bottom, and the feel of the room is so much better, it feels happy.

Next I cleaned the spare bedroom/ stockpile room. I have cleaned this room more recently, just in case someone came over to stay the night, because of Tony being sick, I just about used all the stock except the home canned goods so that is what you see besides the bedroom suit. 

The hall and bathroom. I have been keeping these dusted and cleaned because this is one of Tony`s areas.

What I Got Rid Of :

For one I am tired of the recyclables, it seems they pile up by the back door waiting for me to get rid of them. I did. I loaded the car on Tuesday and took those to the local bin and cashed out the aluminum cans, got $7 and some change for those. 

I changed the toilet seat and the old one went to the trash at the office, but who keep old nasty toilet seats? Not me! but it had been sitting and waiting for me to change.

I had bought the dogs and the cat bags of the very expensive feed called Iams and they hated it! I stapled the top closed and sat it in the office, a side chair, with the thinking that " well if they get out of feed they might eat it" but I knew that would not happen, I took it to my sisters house so she could feed the stray dog that she has named, plus she has a cat but I am not sure it eats that kind, the dogs will love it if not.

Next I had a project of the greenhouse to erect and that stuff in the pantry floor, the fittings and rolls of plastic, It is now up and all of that is clear to walk now. 

I also got the outside flood lights in, another project done and those are not sitting on the counter awaiting to be installed.

I went through my underwear drawer and discarded a few pair of underwear and old socks.

What I Need To Do : 

In a around 10 days the local dump will have a free day to dump whatever you want to get rid of, I am being hopeful that I can get the help to take off a load of stuff left behind by tenants.

I need to also get a load from here and get rid of it, especially old metal stuff that does not rot.

I also "need" to clean out the shed and give that stuff away. I have some from an inheritance two years ago, almost three, and I just need to let go, its just junk to me and its not doing any good sitting. For the most part its glassware, you know pretty little knick knacks I no longer will sit around to collect dust, vases and kitchen dishes.

That is about it for the first 12 days of October. How are you dealing with life and your stuff?

By Andria Perry
Photos by Andria Perry

Saturday, September 30, 2017

The 2017 Resolutions - Check In For September - Accomplish Or Crash And Burn?

September  30, 2017

Now lets tale a look back at the month of September and see just what I did get done toward my resolutions for the year, remember I make two easy and two hard each year, sometimes I make them all but more than likely its three out of four.

This year I also picked a word for my year, what I wish to accomplish. My word for the year is : Satisfaction. I picked this word because I want to feel satisfied with everything I do in the year 2017.

My 2017 resolutions are :

1 - Buy Solar Panels and the accessories - Get off the grid

As much as I crave the solar way of life, I have not bought any. Yes its sad but I will say I reduced the power bills by $27 from mid August to mid September.

The good news is that I have everything I need to put up the hoop style green house! And I am hoping to have it up this coming week.

I also purchased the electrical device for the electric fence to keep the dogs in one area, now I can think about also making a portable chicken pen and coop. 

Although I did not buy anything solar I still feel like I am moving forward so this month I will call a  100% success.

 2 - Write more- Finish the book and write another. Blog more for money

I have not finished either books. But there is good news, I was finally approved for Google adsense, I mentioned in August, Its not a huge difference because its slow to earn ( because the ads have to be clicked on to earn money) but this does open up the option to blog at more sites and I have looked at a couple. I have earned a little this month from the adsense.  

I feel this one is a 50% success for September.

3 - Lose 25 pounds and get back on a vegetarian diet

I do not know why eating is so hard to do, I know how to lose weight and I know what foods are healthy. I have not lost any weight in the last two weeks but I have cut down on how much I eat, no matter what it is. 

I wont give up! I will say that since I am doing more portion control its a 25% success. 

4 - Learn to ask people for help

I am not sure I needed any help in August, well I always want help but I have not asked for the same reasons I stated before.

I have turned down more that I knew I could not do and made the statement " I cannot do everything" this has helped with the pressure of people pushing more on me to get done.

As I look back I did a little better this month, July was the month from hell and August has flew by. September was  an improvement. If its Gods will October will be an awesome month for me and I will do something to improve each one of my yearly goals.

How about you? Have to checked in on what you wanted from life back at the beginning of the year?

For a look back at July click here : The month from Hell!

For a look back at August click here : Time Flies!  

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Thursday, September 28, 2017

My Minimal Hoarding Life - Neglect? Define Neglect

September 28, 2017

I am sure when I stopped writing so much in my journal about my hoarding ways and minimalism ways that things would go down hill, I have to face it, if I want to have bragging rights I must first do something to actually brag about.

This is my journal, I expose myself to anyone who cares to read.

Today is not going to be just about talk, I am taking action, I think :)

 Let me back up a little and tell you about this past month :

To read more click here : Life round here

The first thing is, I am tired. 

I am not sitting around.  I am working outside in the vegetable garden, I am home canning and freezing what I get from the garden or buy.  I am mowing the grass with the rider and the push mower, I am cutting down overgrown bushes.  I am clearing a wooded area for a greenhouse. I am walking the dogs.

Next is that I have to do a little at the rental houses, I have to get the tenants ready for winter and that means some get new heaters and some get help if they want plastic on the windows. I have to mow the grass at one empty twice a week, sometimes once a week, plus since the basement is filled with junk/ trash I have been working on that one day a week, one large trash can at a time. 

Being a caregiver to a cancer patient 24/7 is not that easy, although he has already went through the worst, chemo, its a very demanding job. If he is sick at 2 am I have to get up and get him better. If he is starving at 11 pm because he sleeps so much, I have to cook.

What Have I been Doing ? 

Since my live in patient sleeps a lot, its part of the body healing itself an is normal, I have to be quiet.

I am always doing laundry and some night I have slept with one side of my bed filled with the days clean laundry, waiting to be folded and put away, I was just to tired to get it done.

The kitchen is where I seem to live! Not just cooking meals but home canning too, so this room gets wiped down more than any room, however I still have not made much time to clean the upper outsides of the cabinets, the greasy part. :( I have kept the kitchen swept and mopped. 

Now one thing I will not put up with and that is trash to just sit in the house, I take the trash out as soon as the can is full. 

I am really behind on the paper pile on the dining room table but I cannot just trash can those because its part of the accounting for the business and I have to keep those, and the coupons! I am behind on clipping coupons so I have a stack awaiting the scissors or the trash can. 

I am sneezing an snotty and I know what it is, not the ragweed outside but the dust inside. I am ashamed of how much dust is in the house, looks strange because most rooms are neat but there is dust!

Well, there I just bared myself. I am headed to the bathroom to clean it and I will say its not the worst but its not nice either.

How have to been doing in your minimal hoarding life? 

By Andria Perry
Photos By Andria Perry

Thursday, August 31, 2017

The 2017 Resolutions - Check In For August- What Did I Accomplish?

August 31, 2017

Now lets tale a look back at the month of August and see just what I did get done toward my resolutions for the year, remember I make two easy and two hard each year, sometimes I make them all but more than likely its three out of four.

This year I also picked a word for my year, what I wish to accomplish. My word for the year is : Satisfaction. I picked this word because I want to feel satisfied with everything I do in the year 2017.

My 2017 resolutions are :

1 - Buy Solar Panels and the accessories - Get off the grid

Nope, I did not buy anything else solar so far but I did add to my savings for this project. Plus I have finally decided on the plan for the greenhouse and the spot for it to be.

I have to say this one is not a complete failure because the green house is on! At this point of uncertainty it will be portable and not permanent structure as first planned. 

50% accomplishment

2- Write more- Finish the book and write another. Blog more for money.

I finally have Google AdSense and another ad maker for income on two blogs, it will take a while because Adsense pays at $100 and I have just began that journey but that is something to me, I have been waiting for a year!

As for writing I have not but I am working on another poem that has been on my brain, I may not be a poet and prose is better for me, I will continue to write poetry even if its just for me and my feelings.. I still have several months to go before the year is gone and a lot can happen.

I will say this one is a 100% accomplishment because of reapplying for the adsense account and getting it in a couple days after.

3 - Lose 25 pounds and get back on a vegetarian diet

I am eating more vegetables and I have my days I eat more small meals and no big meals at all.

But I still will have chicken and Turkey.

I am still eating junk food and that is no good at all.

No good on this one! 100%Fail! I have not lost one single pound.

4 - Learn to ask people for help

Nope. No and did not.

This one is a 100% fail and I do not see me asking people for anything. No one will help without pay but expect me to do things for nothing.

Or if I do ask and get help I am forever in debt to that person, if I ever say no in the future it gets thrown up to me so I would rather not ask anyone for anything.

100% fail.

As I look back I did a little better this month, July was the month from hell and August has flown by. If its Gods will September will be an awesome month for me.

How about you? Have to checked in on what you wanted from life back at the beginning of the year?

For a look back at July click here : July check in  

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Monday, August 28, 2017

My Minimal Hoarding Life - Well, well, well! Life Round Here

August 29, 2017 - A day in the life.

Yes I have been missing in action for weeks at a time and them I pop back in with a small update about how my hoarding life has became minimal or not. 

Life was hard for a while there but God took me through it and now I am back, better than before.

A few weeks ago I was told I would have a visit and I was shocked to see how my house looked and I worked a day and a half to get things cleaned up and things put back into their place. They did not show up but the house got a good and needed cleaning. I have managed to keep it up for the most part.

The problem :

I have always kept up the laundry up and washed the dishes, although I would leave them overnight once and a while, so that is not my problem with cleaning house. I have gotten lazy about dusting. I hate to dust but I cannot breathe when its dusty.

I have to vacuum first so that any dust in the air after vacuuming does not fall on the newly dusted table tops.

I also have to sweep the floors before dusting, same reason what is in the air will settle.

The Plan :

I have to plan to get those set days back in line. Before I took on a 24/7 job at home I had free days all to myself when I blasted music, danced with the broom and got things accomplished.

Since this job is getting easier once again I will be getting back to a normal for me routine.

The Clutter :

I do not have so much clutter, I have everything labeled and put in a place that it should be, Ya know? no shampoo in the living room :)

But I do need to clean out my bedroom closet and once again get rid of clothing I do not wear anymore, and began to wash and hang the Winter clothing. Why wash them? There is no longer any smoking in the house but all my packed away clothing smells to me, like cigarettes.

The Organization :

No matter if I have been swamped with work here and I had to be quiet I still organized things. I bought more see through shoe box tubs and I put my stuff in them to keep it clean and I see and know what I have, mostly for the pantry.

I put all the beans, pastas and grains into glass jars so that nothing can get to them, like rodents or bugs. No I do not have any at the moment but I live in the woods and those critters live here too.

For more about organizing click here : Lazy Susan  

The Outcome :

If I have to move I do have a lot of the work done, I know where things are and they are nicely organized in the clear tubs for quick removal. That is the plus when you have an organized house.

The Outside :

I have struggled with the outside this year. One right after another each mower quit, got fixed only to quit again, I gave up and bought a new one. I do not have the entire place cleaned up again but 1/3 is and I have to get busy and cut down many of the overgrown bushes before they actually bend over and touch the house!

Now that I have a plan I will be getting back to my minimal side and get rid of those hoarding ways. 

How are you doing with clutter?

By Andria Perry

Photos by Andria Perry

Thursday, August 10, 2017

My Minimal Hoarding Life - To Clean Or Not To Clean

About a week ago I got a call, " Hey I am in town and I wanna drop by tomorrow night." 

Horrified as I look around my house, its slung and unkept. The bathroom needs cleaned badly and everything is just everywhere!

Under pressure?!?!?!

I work best under pressure. I got by big old lazy butt up and I began to put things back into their place, vacuum and sweep, wipe and rinse. Wash all those dirty stinky clothes. Change the bed sheets on the guest bedroom bed. Clean, no scrub the guest bathroom.

Within hours I got this place looking like it usually does, when I am not being lazy, setting on my ass online. 

Now don`t get me wrong I still have so much to do around here and one is getting up in a chair and cleaning the upper cabinets that are dirty with mostly kitchen grease. I also need to finish painting the kitchen and get busy on the bathroom and laundry room, I feel they need a new coat of paint. 

Now outside :

If you remember all of the mowers died and I had one little push mower going. I worked everyday out there when it was not raining, each part of the yard was a different height. Then one day I wanted the driveway and the front all to be the same and I over did it, I exhausted myself. I gave up! I HAVE TO HAVE a riding mower to keep it mowed when it rains everyday or five times a week, it just grows so fast.

Well today I bought that mower, but it rained so I have not gotten to use it yet. with the right equipment I maybe can manage more of this place alone.

Minimalism Monday  August 8th :

I washed and dried two loads of laundry, put those away. 

I washed up the dirty dishes. Swept the kitchen floor.

I vacuumed the living room, dining room, and my bedroom. 

I filed papers so none are on the dining table. 

I am slowly getting back to myself, getting the energy I did have last month and in June. There is always something to do around the house, inside and out.

Thursday - August 10th.

I am proud to say that I have kept up the cleaning and nothing is scattered about, the house needs a good mopping but that is about it on the day to day cleaning.

As for the outside, I still have not gotten to mow because it had rained everyday, however maybe this evening I can mow before the rain comes in.

How about you, have you gotten a major task done? 

By Andria Perry
Photos By Andria Perry

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The 2017 Resolutions - Check In For July- What Did I Accomplish?

August 7, 2017

July went by so fast its almost a blur! But I have made some progress, especially getting out of the waiting rut, somewhat.

Now lets tale a look back at the month of June and see just what I did get done toward my resolutions for the year, remember I make two easy and two hard each year, sometimes I make them all but more than likely its three out of four.

This year I also picked a word for my year, what I wish to accomplish. My word for the year is : Satisfaction. I picked this word because I want to feel satisfied with everything I do in the year 2017.

My 2017 resolutions are :

1 - Buy Solar Panels and the accessories - Get off the grid

With life being so uncertain I stopped all thoughts of solar for this place and began to think about down sizing, maybe even moving to a smaller place and then apply the solar. But then I am not wanting to move again, not yet!

But I am looking for another place and I am not doing it fast, as in I have to have it now. But I am looking.

So I am learning and doing other things toward my goal of living as free as possible. Home canning is one.

Failed with this resolution for July.

2- Write more- Finish the book and write another. Blog more for money.

Writing. No. Chatting and being social? Yes. For money? Yes. I am getting back to myself and I will go back to writing for money, as far as the book is concerned, most of it is still in my head and I am doing a little more research on what I intend to write a book on. 

Failed with this resolution for July.

3 - Lose 25 pounds and get back on a vegetarian diet

Well this one is absolutely a 100% fail because I gained a few pounds.

Vegetarian diet? No but I am getting better but I have to give up the junk food to loose pounds. 

4 - Learn to ask people for help

Nope I have not. Sometimes I feel I would be a burden if I asked for help, after all we all do have our own problems.

Failed with this resolution for July.

Wait, she I did, I asked for Canning coupons and an online friend helped!

There you have it I did not even try for the month of July but I am going to do better for the month of August, I will at least try. 

How about yours? 

Miss last months update? Click here for June  

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry