Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The 2017 Resolutions - Check In For July- What Did I Accomplish?

August 7, 2017

July went by so fast its almost a blur! But I have made some progress, especially getting out of the waiting rut, somewhat.

Now lets tale a look back at the month of June and see just what I did get done toward my resolutions for the year, remember I make two easy and two hard each year, sometimes I make them all but more than likely its three out of four.

This year I also picked a word for my year, what I wish to accomplish. My word for the year is : Satisfaction. I picked this word because I want to feel satisfied with everything I do in the year 2017.

My 2017 resolutions are :

1 - Buy Solar Panels and the accessories - Get off the grid

With life being so uncertain I stopped all thoughts of solar for this place and began to think about down sizing, maybe even moving to a smaller place and then apply the solar. But then I am not wanting to move again, not yet!

But I am looking for another place and I am not doing it fast, as in I have to have it now. But I am looking.

So I am learning and doing other things toward my goal of living as free as possible. Home canning is one.

Failed with this resolution for July.

2- Write more- Finish the book and write another. Blog more for money.

Writing. No. Chatting and being social? Yes. For money? Yes. I am getting back to myself and I will go back to writing for money, as far as the book is concerned, most of it is still in my head and I am doing a little more research on what I intend to write a book on. 

Failed with this resolution for July.

3 - Lose 25 pounds and get back on a vegetarian diet

Well this one is absolutely a 100% fail because I gained a few pounds.

Vegetarian diet? No but I am getting better but I have to give up the junk food to loose pounds. 

4 - Learn to ask people for help

Nope I have not. Sometimes I feel I would be a burden if I asked for help, after all we all do have our own problems.

Failed with this resolution for July.

Wait, she I did, I asked for Canning coupons and an online friend helped!

There you have it I did not even try for the month of July but I am going to do better for the month of August, I will at least try. 

How about yours? 

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By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry


  1. I am not successful with my weekly plans on blogging. There is always a distruction. Have a great week Andria.

    1. Thank you. I have been very distracted too.

  2. Don't feel too bad Angie. I have not written anything at all in almost two months. I wanted to work on my books that has not happened either. I have not found a job work from home or otherwise.

    1. This must be the year of dont get`er done! LOL.

  3. You know you cannot fall to the ground if you don't reach for the stars! Keep trying!!!!

  4. Just focus on all that you have done and that is a lot over the year so don't worry about a little blip..You are awesome :)

    1. Thank you. But these monthly check ins do help, so I know where I am slacking.