Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Minimalist - The New Year

What can I say about last year? What accomplishments did I make in my life as a whole? Did I accomplish anything I wanted as far as my home life and hoarding or lack of hoarding?

At the end of each year I do ask myself many questions like those above, why? I want to see where I can better myself and what I do not need to worry about anymore since I have stopped certain behavior, also known as hoarding. 

What did I add to life and what did I take away?

I did in the month of April inherit a whole house full of .... everything! Actually it was three houses packed into one huge house. I got one quarter, gave one quarter away and two others got their part of one quarter each. BUT I did not keep all that stuff. I ended up with a very expensive bedroom suit, A nice dining table I am using in the kitchen nook with a china cabinet, A couch. A few nice or antique accessories . The rest I sold and recovered my travel and moving expenses, And I made a little money to boot.

I also got rid of old worn out kitchen gadgets and bought new ones that would benefit me in the long run. A vacuum sealer, a pressure canner and a meat grinder. If something new came in, something old went out.

Clothing, I must say I have tossed many old and worn items, I sold many of the new things I decided I did not want or was to little on eBay.  I haven`t really bought much of anything, a couple of blouses and some socks, that is it for a whole year.

I still have a huge stockpile and that will be a new year resolution for the coming year, to use it and not add to, unless its dog food or toilet paper because those two are always in need and used very fast in this household.

I have slacked in the cleaning department somewhat. I have not been on the ball about weekly cleaning, dusting and vacuuming. That will change also in the new year. 

Because if the type of business I am in, rental property, the stress is at most times the max, I am planning on making myself another home based business, and slowly sell off the old business, but everything will be built and in a new separate building from my home. Right now its still on the drawing board but the potential is there to make myself a living and not have as much stress.

Being a minimalist, owning your own business and doing everything alone is not easy. However anything worth something is never easy. I will stay for the fight and I will not stand down :)

How are you doing in your minimal hoarding life?

By Andria Perry

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A Minimalist - Tired Of Slacking- Off My Butt

I have done this before so its nothing new, minimalism.
But for some odd reason that I cannot come up with an excuse except pure laziness I have been slacking. Making those " I am to tired" excuses.

Just a couple months ago I was working, on line and out in the world. Gardening and traveling and I still keep the house clean and organized.

Yes I got that inheritance and I think thats when I began to get bogged down and was overwhelmed with all this stuff. Yes I loved it and yes it took me months to figure out that I loved it at her house and not in mine.

Today I made every EXCUSE not to leave home and it worked. 

So how have I spent the day? Well I did work online , that is something I can`t seem to give up. But I have cleaned!

I organized the eBay stuff and I have it in one tub and I stacked that into the closet. I arranged the stock room closet and put the huge Ralph Loren ( is that how you spell his name?) Comforter in there till I can afford to have it cleaned and then I will use it, that came with the inheritance.

I then swept and mopped the kitchen, the breakfast nook and the entry way. I still have to sweep and mop the laundry room and pantry. While I was doing the floors I had a load of clothes washing and one in the dryer. While I was waiting for the floors to dry I folded a load of whites and put them away. I managed to file some coupons but I am thinking about shoe boxing them, IF I go shopping I can look for what I need but I am not planning on shopping with coupons the rest of this year is possible.

I have the recyclables out in the can and the plastic in the car to take to the donation bin.

All the trash took out and the food peels in the compost pile.

I have two more elderly people to bake for and then all the gift containers can be put away.

I do feel accomplished.

Did I mention that I have not took time to pull out not one Christmas decoration? No tree, nothing. I do want to put up a tree but at this late date I may not.

How are you dealing with life lately? Getting it done or slacking like I was?

By Andria Perry

Sunday, December 13, 2015

A Minimalist - Wake The ____ Up!

Okay, so what?  I cuss and I know its not ladylike but I am not that ladylike tonight. I am living through the tough journey of minimalism. When it was there and good and healthy it was good but is slowly disappearing. 

No, it has not been one year and I seen it coming when I seen it coming into my home. The home I was so proud of to be neat and clean, well organized, well... semi organized. This past week I did the wake up and smell the freakin coffee thing. I looked at those nice lamps that I do plan to use be loaded into the car and took to the old home place TILL I have time to paint them because I am not so much into brass as I was twenty years ago. Did I need that microwave muffin maker? No! did I need another electric knife when I don`t even use the one I have, Tony claims he does BUT ya know how that is.No I didn`t. 

Somehow my painting materials, canvas boards and poster boards got mixed up with junk. I am separating those now. 

Recipes? Why do I feel the need to keep those torn out of magazine recipes? Because I do cook that stuff, just not right now. Wait, maybe never again. Grrr.

In less than two weeks I will have guess over for a nice but small Christmas dinner and I swear it seems like the more I clean the more there is messed up.

I think I am stuck half way in one world and going into another, a more simple world, the world I crave and have for years.

Imagine a clean house with no junk around, sitting on the front porch sipping sweet tea, dog at your feet and picking the banjo with not a worry in the world.

Oh and no phones whatsoever. Heaven :)

By Andria Perry 

Sunday, November 15, 2015

A Minimalist - Out It Went

As the weeks pass I am back to making better decisions about life in general. It is strange how we lose our way and then notice we are wandering around in life without meaning and just the daily grid of work and home, over and over.

I am like most people and I do not know how things got put here and put over there but I took time to put it in the car and put it in the donation box or to another appropriate place that it will be used for its intended purpose. It was a truck load.

For the rental houses Tony had rooted a few shrubs and those were delivered and put into the ground.

The frames were put at the old home place because I have decided what to do with that place, double duty as an office and a place to frame the art. I may even start up my Craig`s list selling and do it from this house.

Next was dropping off around fifty canned goods, mostly Progresso soup. I am restocking some soups and giving away the older stock. I gave all of it to the homeless guy that will be renting a house from me soon.

That much I got taken off last Friday. The office is still clean and NO clutter. 

Tomorrow I plan to drop off a lamp, I did not want it broken in the back of the truck so I am driving the car next time I go to the old home place and I can drop it out then.

I managed to get all the laundry clean and put away today, I have my recyclables by the back door to drop off. The trash is out of the house, some taken off, some burned.

I have not done the paper work or filed the coupons.

The kitchen is clean but I need to mop that floor.

Seems I have so much to do and not enough time to get it all done. That means I need to ask for a little help, from who I am not sure but I will find someone to help me get caught up, whether I hire them for work or my home.

How are you doing managing life?

By Andria Perry

Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Minimalist - Took It Back!

After months and months of life it seems I have gotten off my path of minimalism and feng shui. But the past few days I have taken it back, my life that is. When a friend told me she had read my cleaning plan and it was the only planned that worked for her she inspired me to write again AND get my somewhat messy life back on track.

Moving the few house plants that I kept inside for the three Winter months made me feel cramped especially since I kept a few things from the inheritance so it was time for a massive clean out.

The office once again became the dumping grounds for this stuff, Yes I liked her stuff and I reckon because I was grieving her death I kept things. But its time to pass those things on for someone else to use, those things are not her. I have them at the back door ready to leave tomorrow.

Another problem was more picture frames for the art, me and Tony paint and one day will have a show so I have frames. I have figured out a place to put them, I am making a studio in the basement of the old home place. It is a separate entrance than the main house so when it is rented I can still use this area.

Over the past few days I was off work so I went to work on myself, meditation and cleaning. I am now sitting in my CLEAN office without any clutter. This is the way it was before and will be from now on.

I also cleaned my bedroom and Tony`s room although neither was as bad as my office had gotten.

I did sell a lot of clothes and books on eBay, I will put the "new" summer clothing in space bags and suck the air out, I will leave the few books on the shelf till they sell or I make a trip to the nursing home.

Since I am doing more home canning I must rearrange the stockpile / spare bedroom so that its neat and organized. I am giving jams and jellies for Christmas so some will be leaving anyways.

How have you been dealing with clutter lately?

By Andria Perry

Monday, November 9, 2015

A Minimalist - Practice What I Peach

I am a hoarder, this I know but not to the degree that people see on t.v. on the show hoarders buried alive. Actually its that I just have to much and I am doing another clearing. Becoming a Minimalist , working and working can be hard at times.

After getting an inheritance of "stuff" this year I can say that my world has been turned upside down.

With stuff all over I cannot clean like I need to clean and therefore I am sneezing and having allergy problems. I do not have a problem with tossing what " I thought I wanted" back out into the world for someone else who wants it. 

I have a piece of furniture that I spoke up and said " this has to go its just to cramped in this room". Tony said " put it in another room" I replied with " what room and where?". He could not answer that question because there is no place for it. I am taking to my old home place. Why? Because I am repairing this house to rent out as a furnished house, that is what I will do with all the stuff I do not want. I want to rent this place short term and even weekly to people who may travel the area for a couple days on business. Problem solved as far as I am concerned because Tony can keep it , just not here. Minimalist with furnished rental houses? Sure it`ll work.

For weeks and weeks I have been working many miles from home, I have been growing food and preserving it. I have not attended to my home in a proper manner and its just plain dirty.That means that today I am cleaning. Not just cleaning but really cleaning. Sure I have picked things up and kept it neat but its still dirty.

I had to bring in the house plants that I did not give away and in the room I keep them I took down the curtains and washed them and rehung. I wiped down all the cob webs and vacuumed the floor. Next I took a small pot I don`t use to cook in, filled it with warm water and lemon Lysol and I wiped down everything! I used a clean dry cloth to wipe any water left behind away.

Next is my bedroom, although it has less stuff than any room it does need a good dusting.

In a life of becoming minimal I am sure that from time to time life gets in the way and the home is the last place thought about when it comes to work or cleaning house.

I have to go back to my own words and  " Practice what I preach" I am a Minimalist . 

By Andria Perry

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Minimalist - Missing in Action

Yes its been a very long time since I have been around but that does not mean that I have gave up my lifestyle as a minimalist.

You would think that since I am a minimalist at home that would also apply to my work but its the opposite, I own more than one house, I live in one and I rent out the rest. That is how I make a living.

But I can say that I have came a long way as far as saving "stuff" for later jobs. It used to look like a junk yard when you rode past my house because I tended to "save" stuff for later use. Sometimes that never happened and the stuff rotted and had to be took to the dump.

I have been away working for several weeks and no the only thing I had put back for future use was cabinet door knobs and almost a five gallon bucket of off white paint. The rest of the supplies I had to buy.

I have started to apply a new way of thinking about having stuff on hand for work and its like this "If I have this am I waiting for a mess to come?"  Therefore am I willing this problem to occur? So with those thoughts up front Can I reverse this way of thinking? 

I do believe so.

This comes from a way of thinking that if you smile and look happy, you will be happy and bring good people and things to you, Attracting what you put out. I say this because I know most of us have at one time or another went somewhere and someone was in a sour and negative mood and they sucked us right in and ruined out day, right?

I had just complained to myself about the shed needs to be cleaned again. I have no idea how it gets in such a state in just a couple months. Maybe I should make a new plan for the things that I use the most to be up closer to the door. I will have to do this on paper and then apply it.

I am almost finished with all the rental repairs, so back to the home front to thin things out and get rid of this dust, and allergies, see if I cant make life easier and happier.

How have you been in your journey as a minimalist?

By Andria Perry

Monday, September 28, 2015

A Minimalist - Make a Schedule

I know by now you probably have read it a million times about " How to organize your Clutter" by doing the piles and boxes and what not. 

Then as most of you do,  I think " When?!" since I work and I have the entire of load everything on my shoulders, with no help.

This occurred to me while I was organizing the deep freezer so that I would know what food I have and what I need to buy. 

I needed a schedule to get rid of clutter and organize! I made a couple lists, one weekly and one monthly and I schedule time for each list.

That is when things began to really happen in my home. I made a list of things I NEED to get done and a list of things I WANT to get done. I hang both lists on the fridge door.

Weekly - I need to get done list :

Washing clothes - This seems to be most peoples problem area, clothing. I thought about it and I decided that twice a week I would do laundry so that it would not pile up and mildew. I picked Wednesday evening and Sunday evening. I can wash, dry and put away clothes on those two days. I also have two laundry baskets, one for clothing and one for wet towels etc.

Pick another day when you can manage an hour to vacuum/ sweep the floors of the home. 

Next a day to dust , reserve one hour.

On Saturday evenings I refill the pill boxes with the medication that is taken daily in this household. That takes maybe fifteen minutes max.

Sunday Night is clip coupon night.

Pick a day that you can spare an hour and do yard work.

You would not believe how easy it is to stick to those days.

Next is the Monthly list:

Make a day to call in all medications needed for a month.

On the first of each month I change the a/c filter.

On the Third of each month I apply the flea and tick treatment to the dogs.

On or between the first to the third of each month I paid all of my rent/utility bills.

I WANT to get done list: 

Donate- Things I no longer want that goes to the donation box and is driven right away to the donation box .Pick a day --- Do a quick run through the house tossing things into the box as you are headed to the grocery store or work and drop off those things that day.

Redoing the closets - I have to pick an entire day off for this job!

Cleaning out kitchen cabinets- I pick one section at a time if I don`t have time to do them all, I make it my day off if I go for them all.

Now that you have an idea of how to manage to get things done and work I bet you can do more than you thought ever possible.

Time management is one key to a clean and uncluttered home.

By Andria Perry

Friday, September 25, 2015

Feng Shui And A Good Feeling

Since I have started my journey I have applied more that just minimalism to my life and I am somewhat practicing Feng Shui and by no means am I specialist, I have much to learn but I will share what I have learned and how I apply it to my life.

When I say somewhat, I will do a little and then get all caught up in life and forget what I was doing and then I go back when I notice that things are ... Off.

Let me explain "off", everyone knows that a clean home is healthier because there is not as much dust, hidden dust on or under stuff. That means less allergies on my part.

Having " junk " is another thing because its clutter and if you have a bunch of clutter that is stuff you plan to repair piled up that's bad energy.


This week has been one hectic week but I am doing a little everyday to help my chi flow better. Being a minimalist and buying can be a hard thing for me so I do not wait one week if I want something I wait two weeks and if I still want it I will buy this item, then I will try my best to get rid of something in its place. I do things this way to curb the urge to buy and keep stuff.

I got a new bedroom suit as part of an inheritance and it came with a very, very nice comforter , Pillow shams and bed skirt. My old bedroom comforter set and curtains { homemade curtains } were black and white. The new set is a burnt orange/ maroon color with a gold pattern and gold trim. I did not have any curtains to match this so I waited to buy any and used the black curtains I already had.

Well this room felt off, so I sold a bunch of stuff on Ebay and saved that money for new curtains. I got rid of stuff and will bring it stuff, see the balance?

A couple days ago I bought a new set of curtains BUT I did not put them in the bedroom to balance this room, this is what I did, I had a nice set of curtains in the dining room that would match the golden colors in the comforter so I took those down and washed them. I bought new curtains for the dining room and they are a white satin with a blue and dark yellow pattern that compliments the dining room.

Now I have created a better flow of chi in two rooms.


When I heard that company was coming I did a quick wipe down of the kitchen cabinets and cleaned the floors . I had been canning and cooking for weeks and had splatters everywhere.

I than made sure that nothing [ paper work and coupons] were on the dining area because its an open room concept and can be seen from the living room.

I wiped down the bathroom sink and toilet. 

I put out new air fresheners and washed the smelly laundry.

Now I am ready for these guest.


I have seemed to have concentrated all the clutter to my office once again! This is part of my money sector so out this goes. But where should I put these things? Most of it is for work. I will try to make it a little more tidier. 

How have you managed with your home?

By Andria Perry

Sunday, September 20, 2015

A Minimalist - Goals and Accomplishments

First I want to say that I have been super busy with life and making changes in my life. I am not just a minimalist but I am also trying my best to change for good. Leave the old behind and look forward to the new that comes my way in this life.

Seems God continues to bless me in the business world and I am working on new deals now.

Although I have been working for money and doing what I do with the garden I have been keeping up with the home and life. As for my home I have cleaned it up and got it back under my control, The life part is getting better and better every day as I meet new people and toss the toxic crowd to the side.

I learned many, many years ago about Feng shui and I lost my way for a while but I am back. I got my chi back and things are changing , faster than I would have thought.

Instead of just using color and placement keeping those areas clean also counts for a good flow of chi. I much continue to keep that in mind when someone asked me if I want something or anything that will clog up my way in the house.

This past week I have removed many thing from my home that was brought in this year. I thought I liked it but after a little while I discovered its not really me and it has to go. I am parking it at an empty rental to have a yard sale soon.

I have noticed that I feel so much better when the house is clean and well kept. I do not think that its because its clean but because I can move around freely and be proud if I have a guest come in.
I still have stuff to get rid of and a couple rooms to clean throughly but getting back on track feels soooo good.

Next clean up and clean out is the garage. Its setting in a part of my money sector.

By Andria Perry

Friday, September 18, 2015

A Minimalist - It is Doable

Letting go even without the time to think.  Giving it away is becoming so much more easier today than yesterday.

I am often getting caught up in the business world and I have to leave thoughts of home behind. On some days that is a blessing but on others not so much because I cannot clean my house as good as I want it to be cleaned.

As I begin a new part of my life in this September of 2015 I am loading and removing things out of this house as I go. When I say as I go I mean I am taking things to the car and each day when I go to work or coming from work, I drop it off at someones house or a donation box.

This week I began to gut a house, meaning taking down some sheet rock and removing carpet, etc. This was my old home place and yes it does still have a little furniture and junk. 

I had one of my all time favorite black and white comforter sets there and I loaded it up and took it to a needy family, with pillows. Tony did not even look at stuff and put it in trash bags to get rid of.

Yesterday, When I left home to take someone to the doctor I loaded some of that inheritance up, a trunk load, and took it out to that old home place, a yard sale brewing in the back of my mind, if it don`t sell its closer to the donation box or Salvation Army thrift store donation center.

When I clean out the stockroom here at home, I have more food to go that I no longer eat, yes I have gave up some of the processed foods like canned soup. When I have a little more fresh vegetables I give them away as I did yesterday to an elderly lady and my sister.

Removing any hoarded item helps, even one a day. Although I like my home and my stuff sometimes to much is just to much, especially when its hard to clean. Since I am over the clothing hoard I am moving to another place to thin out. I even have all my shoes neatly organized and dust free.

How about you? have you tossed some hoarded things lately?

By Andria Perry
Photo`s By Andria Perry

Monday, September 14, 2015

A Minimalist - Minimalism Monday

Becoming a minimalist is not an easy way of life to accomplish, it takes time and self control. Both are sparse at times but we are human and known to make errors in life.

I can say honestly that this Summer had been waves of ups and downs for me . I have hoarded and I have gave away but I am about to open up a new job and I know it`ll take more self control that I have ever had to use. I want to empty the space and start from scratch, if possible. No its not my living quarters and I will explain when I begin the process. 

But for today I will pat my self on the back for a few jobs done around my space that I am proud of getting done.

First is the biggest, I cleaned out the deep freezers and I took stock of things I do NOT need to buy anymore. I loaded the car with an entire freezer of food and I gave it away. Not because I could not use it, its because I am restocking with fresh foods I have grown , most was prepackaged that I got with coupons for free .

Next is I am still selling on ebay but I have decided to give that up completely. I have taken down some items and I gave those away.

Now for the " I need to kick myself in the butt " stuff. 

I have not cleaned my own home at all! I mean I feel like I am living in filth with exception to the kitchen, seems I am spending all  my time in that one room.

I get the clothes washed and dried but it can take days before I get them folded and put away.

I will not even get into the dust, the bathrooms and mopping . 

BUT the days are looking better, Summer is ending as well as fall harvest. Rest time means cleaning the house for me. I don`t find it hard to keep the house clean I just do not have enough time to get everything done in one day that HAS to be done. I have had to give up some time for the walking of dogs and myself, doctors orders.

What good did you accomplish last week? 

By Andria Perry

Sunday, September 6, 2015

A Minimalist - Off With The .....

Okay I am not going to behead anyone but I swear sometimes I want to take a walk with a backpack and never look back .

I am so regretting the inheritance ! I cannot seem to get everything in a place because its to much ...... junk . I have been giving more stuff away that came from that huge mess . Right at this minute if I were to move it would take a twenty foot U-haul and it would be packed, thats no good for me .

I took out a couple things and put them in the trunk of the car so when I go back into the neighborhood of my rentals I am giving to those I know can use the stuff  . 

I am almost to the point of tossing out the frames for the paintings because I have no where to put them . 

A couple days ago I took my sister 12 plastic clothes hangers and I am taking her more clothes this coming week . I have cereal and soup to give to the poor .

I need to make a run to the nursing home and get rid of the shampoo, deodorants and body wash that I have been saving up for the trip up the mountain that I do a few times a year for Tony`s niece that lives there .

So how do I get myself in these predicaments ? I have been good about saying no to stuff and only buying things that will make life better or I can get rid of something old when I bring in a new item. 

I think I need to redo a few things I have organized and toss more of it .

I need to remind myself and practice what I preach, so I went back to what I wrote and read it over again . 

By Andria Perry