Monday, November 9, 2015

A Minimalist - Practice What I Peach

I am a hoarder, this I know but not to the degree that people see on t.v. on the show hoarders buried alive. Actually its that I just have to much and I am doing another clearing. Becoming a Minimalist , working and working can be hard at times.

After getting an inheritance of "stuff" this year I can say that my world has been turned upside down.

With stuff all over I cannot clean like I need to clean and therefore I am sneezing and having allergy problems. I do not have a problem with tossing what " I thought I wanted" back out into the world for someone else who wants it. 

I have a piece of furniture that I spoke up and said " this has to go its just to cramped in this room". Tony said " put it in another room" I replied with " what room and where?". He could not answer that question because there is no place for it. I am taking to my old home place. Why? Because I am repairing this house to rent out as a furnished house, that is what I will do with all the stuff I do not want. I want to rent this place short term and even weekly to people who may travel the area for a couple days on business. Problem solved as far as I am concerned because Tony can keep it , just not here. Minimalist with furnished rental houses? Sure it`ll work.

For weeks and weeks I have been working many miles from home, I have been growing food and preserving it. I have not attended to my home in a proper manner and its just plain dirty.That means that today I am cleaning. Not just cleaning but really cleaning. Sure I have picked things up and kept it neat but its still dirty.

I had to bring in the house plants that I did not give away and in the room I keep them I took down the curtains and washed them and rehung. I wiped down all the cob webs and vacuumed the floor. Next I took a small pot I don`t use to cook in, filled it with warm water and lemon Lysol and I wiped down everything! I used a clean dry cloth to wipe any water left behind away.

Next is my bedroom, although it has less stuff than any room it does need a good dusting.

In a life of becoming minimal I am sure that from time to time life gets in the way and the home is the last place thought about when it comes to work or cleaning house.

I have to go back to my own words and  " Practice what I preach" I am a Minimalist . 

By Andria Perry

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