Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Minimalist - Took It Back!

After months and months of life it seems I have gotten off my path of minimalism and feng shui. But the past few days I have taken it back, my life that is. When a friend told me she had read my cleaning plan and it was the only planned that worked for her she inspired me to write again AND get my somewhat messy life back on track.

Moving the few house plants that I kept inside for the three Winter months made me feel cramped especially since I kept a few things from the inheritance so it was time for a massive clean out.

The office once again became the dumping grounds for this stuff, Yes I liked her stuff and I reckon because I was grieving her death I kept things. But its time to pass those things on for someone else to use, those things are not her. I have them at the back door ready to leave tomorrow.

Another problem was more picture frames for the art, me and Tony paint and one day will have a show so I have frames. I have figured out a place to put them, I am making a studio in the basement of the old home place. It is a separate entrance than the main house so when it is rented I can still use this area.

Over the past few days I was off work so I went to work on myself, meditation and cleaning. I am now sitting in my CLEAN office without any clutter. This is the way it was before and will be from now on.

I also cleaned my bedroom and Tony`s room although neither was as bad as my office had gotten.

I did sell a lot of clothes and books on eBay, I will put the "new" summer clothing in space bags and suck the air out, I will leave the few books on the shelf till they sell or I make a trip to the nursing home.

Since I am doing more home canning I must rearrange the stockpile / spare bedroom so that its neat and organized. I am giving jams and jellies for Christmas so some will be leaving anyways.

How have you been dealing with clutter lately?

By Andria Perry

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