Monday, August 31, 2015

A Minimalist -Minimalism Monday

Okay, Okay ! I know I have been slacking and there is really not a good reason so I won`t do the " I have been busy " line .

I did a good thing last week, I did NOT shop at Publix or Walmart at all ! I only stopped at Aldi`s for produce. I once did a 30 day challenge and did not go to Walmart at all .

I finally did it ! I got off my butt and I cleaned up this office . I even took down the curtains and washed those .

I took the tub of clothing out out of the office, half is gone and the other half still on eBay . I gathered up more books to sell on eBay and I am posting those photo`s today ( I still have five free postings left ) . I just sen a charge from ebay on my bank statement so I may pull all of it and just give this stuff away .

This inheritance stuff is what has got me off my game, Although I appreciate everything I really wished I had not taken any of it . Complicates my life and I really miss sleeping on my " new " mattress that I had just bought . I put that bed in the spare bedroom and I have been known to fall asleep reading in there.

I do have to get the garage cleaned, sine I got the fenced area up for the dogs I don`t have to share with them and their mess . Right now seems Tony is adding to the problem by " just putting it here for now " . I swear I have a truck load of his " I am keeping this I might need it later " stuff that is already gone bad aka rotted. BUT in all fairness I do still have some of this inherited junk to get rid of .

I have got all the recycling ready to go but it`ll be a few days before I can stop by the recycling plant, I have to work and the days will be stacked full.

I got the paper work put away and the coupons clipped and put away .

I also got the kitchen clean ( I have been canning jams ) .

I am doing laundry as I type this . And I have the vacuuming and dusting caught up. 

How was your week past ?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Saturday, August 29, 2015

A Minimalist - Lazy Susan

Being organized is the biggest part of becoming a minimalist . Some say different about this but I think that for the space you have, if there is a place for everything and everything in its place, you are ahead of the minimalist game.

When I began I had stuff everywhere, now I have things in a place .

I enjoy having my Winter clothing in a tub in the bottom of the closet, because I know soon I will use them and I can take my Summer clothes and put them in that same tub and put them up for the season . That is the space for them . I am so glad that the storage tubs now come in clear, tubs are so much easier than cardboard boxes .

Books ! I love my books but I am so much better now than I used to be about keeping them after I have read them. I was donating them to a nursing home but I have not went back up to the mountain to this one nursing home in a while where a  niece lives so I posted a few on eBay and I did sell one. A few years ago I bought two six foot shelves for $30 each at Target and they house my favorite books and thats where I am trying my best to draw the line, If they fit they stay if not they go .

I love to cook but I know that you do NOT have to have every new kitchen gadget to make a meal . But I do have a drawer full of big serving spoons and spatula`s . There are a few things to buy to make organizing easier and I could not do without my lazy Susan for my spices and herbs . I just put it in the cabinet by the stove and I have my seasonings at hand . 

So if you are stuck in a rut about what to get rid of try this, Buy a tub and if it fits and you have space for one tub, it stays if not it has to go .

By Andria Perry

Friday, August 28, 2015

A Minimalist - House Plants

I come from a long line of plant lovers, whether its plants that are put straight into the grow out in the garden or plants that produce food . I have herbs growing inside and outside . I also have house plants such as the prayer plant , peace lilies and even Aloe .

But as time passes and you take a broken piece of vine and make a new plant and the house can be filled with houseplants to bring in and out during the season changes . 

I had WAY to many house plants ! But not just to many but to many of  one type, four Peace lilies and most of those came from funerals . This other plant that I do not know the name of I have / Had  six .

Well I have been planning on selling or giving them away for some time, especially this year . Yesterday I loaded the truck and I took one of my tenants a truck load . Several different vines , a peace lily , one of the other plant that I don`t know the name , a tree or it will be a tree I have two and I sent the smaller and That angel hair fern that has become the devil to me because it sheds and the tiny leaves stops up the vacuum cleaner .

Then I stopped at my sister`s house and dropped off two plants for her house, I hope she don`t kill them . She tend to over tend to houseplants .

Now I look out on the front porch and it makes me happy to see fewer . I have a Lemon tree full of lemons and I will bring it inside the day before the first frost .

If I get the green house put up that I have been wanting for years I may make a business with houseplants . I can grow anything . The plus for the green house would be money coming in and less stuff inside my home to collect dust .

What do you think ? Make a business out of plants ?

By Andria Perry

Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Minimalist - Lazy Days and the Stockpile

I do have to say that I did not put one ounce of effort into cleaning or clearing today .

Maybe this was the day of rest before the storm of work headed my way . 

I am still looking at this dirty office with the Ebay stuff for sale sitting around , And I made the plan to take it out tomorrow and give it away . Know what ? I sold two more pieces of clothing :) A mini skirt and a baby doll type of shirt . 

So does this change my mind about the stuff to sell ? Nope ! I will leave up what I have listed and take what I do not have listed for sale anywhere and give it away .

I did not stock anything last week except Dog food and yes I did it extremely cheap with coupons  plus I called in a rain check , all together around 48 pounds of assorted dog food , good brand too like Pedigree and kibble n Bits . That should last them a while or till new coupons come out and new sales . I have to find treats next , they are getting low on those already .

I planned to work tomorrow but things can change over night . 

But its all good . I can catch up and make people happy with my junk I no longer want :)

By Andria Perry

Friday, August 21, 2015

A Minimalist - Sad But True

After a couple of weeks of work I finally got caught up today so that I could clean house .

Well I did start late yesterday in the living room and dining room . I got vacuuming done and dusted both rooms . Cleaned off the dining table too ! No more paper work or coupons .

Today I made it a point to dust and vacuum my bedroom , all clothing folded and in the drawers or hung up in the closet .

Next I cleaned the kitchen sink , I gave it a good scrubbing and then moved in to scrub BOTH bathrooms .

Back to the kitchen I swept and mopped .

I shook out the rugs in the laundry room and swept and mopped it .

I took out the recyclables and put them in the car , I took all the trash out . 

I started cleaning the spare bedroom / stockpile room , I put up the dog food stock and moved a few things around but I did not make it to vacuum and dust . 

Now what do I have to give away ? Three boxes of cereal will go tomorrow  , its waiting by the back door. 


My office :

As you know I have things stored in my office to sell on Ebay , well I am not selling anything this week and its bugging me just sitting in the way .

Tomorrow I am taking this stuff out of the house and to the car , if I go into town I will have it to give away .

I cannot handle this clutter anymore .

No it has not been cleaned and is bothering my Chi .

Sorry eBay but selling this junk is not for me , maybe I will sell my books and thats all .

By Andria Perry

Monday, August 17, 2015

A Minimalist - Minimalism Monday

August 17 , 2015

Well , well well .....

Here we are back to the minimalism Monday posts , the day I usually will post my progress and accomplishments for the week past . So you may ask " how did you do ? " and the story goes a lot like this .....

Outside ! I was outside working when I was at home for the most part . There was no question about working outside when I actually had help , slow help but none the less it was help . Yes it was hot and yes I got a couple spots of poison oak but its done and I am proud of the work accomplished . Mowing grass and pulling weeds . Pruning bushes .

The garage is ready and waiting for me now , I will need a pick up and the dump  and I will require help from the hoarder himself . I no longer have to share the garage with my dog .

As far as the inside of my house it is picked up and neat , as far as clean ? Nope . 

Just the same old same old . Laundry cleaned a couple times and the kitchen cleaned daily .  I did add two extra loads of laundry by washing Tony`s quilt and the bathroom rugs . 

I gave my sister a small shelf . I  have sold a book , a pair of shorts and a movie on Ebay but I decided last night to get rid of those items that are listed for a month and not sold .

This week I plan to give away house plants . I have a tenant that loves plants so I am loading her down with four or more and even my sister has decided to take one but I am taking her two .

Not a good inside report for Minimalism Monday . But a good outside report on this minimal Monday .

Now I have a week to see how much de-cluttering I can do !

By Andria Perry

Saturday, August 15, 2015

A Minimalist - Bring It On !

I sit here in this office and wonder why ? Then I remember that in life money is a requirement , not exactly for " things or stuff " but for food and  power and water .

My mission was to clean this office and not be ashamed of it and close the door when people come over . But I did not get it done . Instead I decided to bring out more and post it to sell on ebay . 

I have this collection of t-shirts I bought in my travels and I am posting them to sell . I had not intended on wearing them but making a quilt out of them and it would show where I had been plus I would have a nice bed cover . But somewhere down the line I did not get it made and I have them and the batting on a tub , an unfinished project .

What are unfinished projects ? Most of the time junk !

I have a week to post FREE 500 items and till the end of the month to post 500 womens clothing items so I do want to take advantage of the free period I have been given . 

So last night I took photos of ten t-shirts and blouses , put all of them on auction for ten days . 

Lets see how this goes and it`ll determine if I continue to post and sell or donate .

Besides work ( for a living ) and going to the Doctor this past week was a work outside kind of week . I am cleaning and clearing as fall is here , almost . 

I bought fencing and 2 x 4`s and cement from Lowe`s home improvement store and we have been working hard to make an area for the dogs .

I have been putting up the food from the garden and what I buy dirt cheap at Aldi`s . 

Now I think I need to slow down and have a day of cleaning inside this messy , dusty house . 

But as always I do keep the laundry clean and the dishes . those two I absolutely hate to be dirty .

AND I managed to get Tony to install a new Toilet guts so the toilet doesnt run all the time , wasting water. 

How did your week passed go ?

Thursday, August 13, 2015

A Minimalist - Stacking How Much In A Day ?

August 12 , 2015 

I did it once again ! I started my day off with a list and I did not stop till everything was checked off .

First was doing a few things around the house , so I put on a load of laundry and wrote for an hour while having my morning coffee .

I went out , fed the dogs , did trash duty and added scraps to the compost pile . I picked over the garden and gathered a basket full of food .

I loaded the car with recyclables , a small shelf for my sister and a couple bags of grains for her stockpile . My coupon binder , camera and a book . Put ice in the cooler with a couple bottles of water and a few diet Pepsi`s .

Next was flipping the clean wet clothes into the dryer and taking a shower .

After my shower I fixed brunch , a light salad for me and a sandwich for Tony . We both took morning medication .

Now I am out the door for a day of errands , work and shopping .

 I hit the interstate , to heck with slow drivers and speed limits on the back roads .

First I stop at my sister house and pick up the aluminum cans she saved .

Next the recycling center - Sold my trash ! 

To the post office I go , I had a box full of bills , magazines and junk mail . 

Over to Walgreens drug store to pick up a few stock up items , although I despise the store on Quintard ave . , it was on my way to everything .

Now for the slow down - Sitting at the doctor`s office for my check up .  I was surprised that I was only there for two hours , now you know why I grabbed a book :) Picked up new medication at the clinic .

Its evening and I am starved , KFC here I come . I guess I should have just got the 2 piece meal instead of the buffet , I only ate what would have been a 2 piece meal and the buffet cost more :/ . Love and learn ! Took my new medication .

Back to my sisters house and picked her up to go grocery shopping and my coupon shopping .

Down to Target , across the street to Publix grocery store  and on the way back to my sisters house a stop at Aldi`s and the gas station for her cigarettes . 

I take my sister home .

Next is Work  . Yes work ! at 6:30 pm - Landlady work and in the same neighborhood that my sister lives . I knock on the door , no answer . As I was in the car about to call the tenant he came out . He was in the restroom . I collected rent . Good deal :)

Now the last stop was Lowe`s . I needed cement for the fence project . I bought 320 pounds and put it in the back of my car . feeling the weight I drove much slower home . 

Okay that is how I stack a day but I did not make it in time to let the dogs walk me .


Morning - August 13, 2015 

I did NOT have to work or leave the house today so I slept till after nine am .

I sip my morning coffee as I write , as usual , and enjoying the slowness of my day  .

Today I have planned to help set posts for the fence , clean and make something with a 5 gallon bucket of pears and make salsa maybe . Clean the house somewhat . OH and those clothes are still in the dyer :)

Ebay is calling my name and saying " free listing this week " .

By Andria Perry

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Minimalist - Work , Work And Work

Yes I said work three times because I am getting work piled in three ways . Now don`t confuse my use of words as a complaint because its not meant that way , I am proud to be working !

Yesterday was not a good day for working in my home and minimalism because I sat planted at the computer writing . I have joined a couple writing sites that pays me back for running my mouth , good deal !

Then I had to answer a few questions about clothing I am selling on Ebay , one was " what is the exact measurements of a pair of shorts ? " . 

Well wouldn`t you know it , I could not find a measuring tape anywhere , we have only one . I went to town and bought one as I dropped out a library book and mailed a letter at the post office ( Y`all know me , I will make good use of the trip and gas spent ) . But I can use the measure tape for the next items I will be posting so it`s all good .

Next was mowing the grass , although I got rained out I did get the spot most needed around my walk ways . I am still not happy with the shed , I got to review it while taking out the push mower .

I do feel overwhelmed at times but I am manging to get things done . When I get the garage back I know I can make the shed look better because I can put what needs to go out there and it won`t be forgotten or lost . 

Today is my real Job and I have no idea how long that will take but I can say I will make it a double , I am taking a small shelf to my sister so that is one more thing GONE !

I really do need one day to clean my home without any distractions . I do not see that day in the near future :/ . I also need a big truck and a free dump day :)

But I have clean kitchen and clean laundry so I reckon I`m good  !

By Andria Perry

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A Minimalist - The Chores And Life

I used to do a check in every Monday to reflect on how my past week and weekend went with me and what I had accomplished . Then work got in the way of accomplishing anything at home with weekends being my only days to work at home and rest before the coming week of hard labor , I chose rest  . Now  I just post a day of reflection when I actually have something to reflect upon but as work is calming down and is less stressful I will start this back up once again .

Now that mean old July has passed I am seeing a balance returning to my life . That balance of work and home . I am once again working three jobs with two being on line and thats okay with me . I do love a challenge . 

One of those jobs is selling on Ebay and I am beginning to get the hang of it even though I am not happy with this junk sitting in this room , my office , my getaway . It clutter to me. 

Anyways I did manage to get some of the chores done so I will fill you in on the accomplishments of the day . Monday . 

I did want to do work in the office but others in the house took my attention away from this room . I have to be flexible , thats how my life is .

However , I did manage to get three loads of clothing washed and one being the bed sheets . I did manage to get the kitchen cleaned up and all the vegetables from the garden washed and separated .

I got all the Monday mail to the post office and mailed off , some of my clutter to the new owners , thank you eBay . I filed paper work . I clipped and filed the Sunday coupons . I planned my new weeks grocery shopping trip , although I may not shop at all  .

After the dogs walked me I cut the weeds down and cleaned out a flower bed . I cut down the golden rods before they bloomed and removed more weeds . 

I did not cook today , most of the meals were raw and that means when hunger hit we ate fruit or a wrap / sandwich . 

Did you accomplish any major cleaning or clearing last week ?

By Andria Perry

Monday, August 10, 2015

A Minimalist - Love It Or Lose It

Sometimes reading a simple quote written by anyone can make you realize " Yes , that is exactly right " . The light came on in your brain , brought you back to reality.

Can you say " Every piece in your home you genuinely love ? " .

I know I can say " Nope " , then I have to think about the fact that I share a home with others . No we are nothing alike and how can I make this clean out work  ? 

This makes me wonder how I can once again get back to being me and shut out the world that is telling me to be this or that , I must have the new and improved when what " I " have I do genuinely love .

Now I am sitting here in my dirty office , ashamed of how it looks , thinking I do not even like  " that " much less love it . What am I going to do about this problem ? Will I do the three boxes ? The sell , the donate and the trash ? I see a book problem beginning again . Can I read all those books I inherited ? They are reference books ?! What about all those ugly pictures with awesome frames for the art? Where do I put them ? Do I get rid of them and " buy " more when I do have this amazing art display in the future ?

Life gets complicated with stuff . It has took me over again and I need freeing .

Get rid of the stockpile to store this junk ? No freakin way ! you have junk that you do not use in your extra closet , I have body wash , soap and shampoo .

Now I will make my game plan ..... " The list " . First I will take a picture of what will sell on Ebay . Post it . If it don`t sell in 30 days , donate it . 

Next these pictures stacked along the wall . Shed ? I do not care if the paper picture gets ruined , I just need that wooden frame .

I think I need to find a trade day and sell some of this stuff , when it won`t sell there , give it away . I do not think anyone on Ebay will pay for shipping on an iron skillet !

I better get to work ! I have a room to clean up and out today !

No one ever said being a minimalist was easy !

By Andria Perry

Sunday, August 9, 2015

A Minimalist - Stockpile Sunday

August 9 , 2015 

This week I did not need much of anything At Publix grocery store so while I was teaching my sister how to use coupons I found a few things I could use to add to the stockpile , using coupons of coarse .

But I did have a plan for Target because I did need to get dog food and they had an awesome sale going on , with coupons of coarse !

I also found a good deal on fruit and we were out so I did spend a few dollars at Aldi`s without coupons , but only on their sale items .

Here is the breakdown and what I saved and how I used the coupons .


First transaction  

2- 16.5 pound bags of little bites dog chow by Purina on sale $10.99 each = $21.98 - Used two $4.00 off one mft. coupons  little bites dog chow = $15.18 tax included 

Promotion - Buy 2 Purina dog foods 16 pounds or more and get a $10 gift card back  = $5.18 for two bags of Dog food .

Second Transaction -

4 - 12 packs of Diet Pepsi $4.95 each - On sale 4 for $10.00 = $11.00 tax included  - No coupon used but I paid with the $10 gift card I just got from dog food deal and out of Pocket was $1.00 

Total before sale and coupons and deals was $48.14

I paid - $16.18

 Savings of - $31.96 


Next I went to Publix grocery store across the road from Target .

Publix is my all time favorite grocery store to shop as you can tell by now . 

Here is the breakdown of what I got :

1- Bertolli extra virgin olive $8.59 - On sale buy one get one free - Used $1.00 off one = $3.30

1 - Angel soft toilet paper 12 double rolls $5.99 on sale $5.00 - Used .45 mft. coupon that doubles to .90 AND .50 off one store coupon = $3.60

1 - Captain wafers $3.15 on sale Buy one get one free =$1.58 - Used one -.55 = $1.08 

5 - Chef Boyardee $1.49 on sale $1.00 each - Used one $1.00 off five = $4.00 for all 5 

6 - Think Thin bars $1.66 on sale $1.25 each - Used .50 mft. coupon that doubled to $1.00 = .25 each or $1.50 for all six 

Rain check - 8 - St. Ives Body wash $2.49 each on sale two for $3.00 - Used $3.00 off two mft. coupon = FREE for all 8 

USED competitor coupon $5.00 off $30 

Total before sale and coupons was $57.70

I paid $11.07

A savings of $46.63


Adli`s always has the best sale on produce and I have learned to shop there for the best savings AND if they are out I can price match at Walmart .

4 -Peaches .25 each = $1.00

4- Nectarines .25 each ( look at note ) = .75

4- Purple plums .25 each = $1.00

3 - Bananas .39 per pound = $1.17

1 bag - Black seedless grapes $2.38 two pound bag = $2.38

NOTE : my Aldi`s was out of everything except the black grapes so I priced matched at walmart but the Nectarines were cheaper ! .50 per pound so I got 4 for .75 . 

I lost my receipt but you can see things were extremely cheap and I spent $6.38 + tax = $6.94 


Now lets total my shopping day  :

Total = $112.78

I Paid $34.19 

Savings = $79.59

Now thats how I like to stockpile with coupons and sales .

By Andria Perry