Monday, August 31, 2015

A Minimalist -Minimalism Monday

Okay, Okay ! I know I have been slacking and there is really not a good reason so I won`t do the " I have been busy " line .

I did a good thing last week, I did NOT shop at Publix or Walmart at all ! I only stopped at Aldi`s for produce. I once did a 30 day challenge and did not go to Walmart at all .

I finally did it ! I got off my butt and I cleaned up this office . I even took down the curtains and washed those .

I took the tub of clothing out out of the office, half is gone and the other half still on eBay . I gathered up more books to sell on eBay and I am posting those photo`s today ( I still have five free postings left ) . I just sen a charge from ebay on my bank statement so I may pull all of it and just give this stuff away .

This inheritance stuff is what has got me off my game, Although I appreciate everything I really wished I had not taken any of it . Complicates my life and I really miss sleeping on my " new " mattress that I had just bought . I put that bed in the spare bedroom and I have been known to fall asleep reading in there.

I do have to get the garage cleaned, sine I got the fenced area up for the dogs I don`t have to share with them and their mess . Right now seems Tony is adding to the problem by " just putting it here for now " . I swear I have a truck load of his " I am keeping this I might need it later " stuff that is already gone bad aka rotted. BUT in all fairness I do still have some of this inherited junk to get rid of .

I have got all the recycling ready to go but it`ll be a few days before I can stop by the recycling plant, I have to work and the days will be stacked full.

I got the paper work put away and the coupons clipped and put away .

I also got the kitchen clean ( I have been canning jams ) .

I am doing laundry as I type this . And I have the vacuuming and dusting caught up. 

How was your week past ?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

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  1. I do so much better when I stay out of Walmart. I live in a small town so we do not have a lot of choice. I find that I do better when I go to Grocery Outlet or Dollar General with the limited stores we have here. Maybe we will get an Aldi's and a Publix!