Thursday, August 13, 2015

A Minimalist - Stacking How Much In A Day ?

August 12 , 2015 

I did it once again ! I started my day off with a list and I did not stop till everything was checked off .

First was doing a few things around the house , so I put on a load of laundry and wrote for an hour while having my morning coffee .

I went out , fed the dogs , did trash duty and added scraps to the compost pile . I picked over the garden and gathered a basket full of food .

I loaded the car with recyclables , a small shelf for my sister and a couple bags of grains for her stockpile . My coupon binder , camera and a book . Put ice in the cooler with a couple bottles of water and a few diet Pepsi`s .

Next was flipping the clean wet clothes into the dryer and taking a shower .

After my shower I fixed brunch , a light salad for me and a sandwich for Tony . We both took morning medication .

Now I am out the door for a day of errands , work and shopping .

 I hit the interstate , to heck with slow drivers and speed limits on the back roads .

First I stop at my sister house and pick up the aluminum cans she saved .

Next the recycling center - Sold my trash ! 

To the post office I go , I had a box full of bills , magazines and junk mail . 

Over to Walgreens drug store to pick up a few stock up items , although I despise the store on Quintard ave . , it was on my way to everything .

Now for the slow down - Sitting at the doctor`s office for my check up .  I was surprised that I was only there for two hours , now you know why I grabbed a book :) Picked up new medication at the clinic .

Its evening and I am starved , KFC here I come . I guess I should have just got the 2 piece meal instead of the buffet , I only ate what would have been a 2 piece meal and the buffet cost more :/ . Love and learn ! Took my new medication .

Back to my sisters house and picked her up to go grocery shopping and my coupon shopping .

Down to Target , across the street to Publix grocery store  and on the way back to my sisters house a stop at Aldi`s and the gas station for her cigarettes . 

I take my sister home .

Next is Work  . Yes work ! at 6:30 pm - Landlady work and in the same neighborhood that my sister lives . I knock on the door , no answer . As I was in the car about to call the tenant he came out . He was in the restroom . I collected rent . Good deal :)

Now the last stop was Lowe`s . I needed cement for the fence project . I bought 320 pounds and put it in the back of my car . feeling the weight I drove much slower home . 

Okay that is how I stack a day but I did not make it in time to let the dogs walk me .


Morning - August 13, 2015 

I did NOT have to work or leave the house today so I slept till after nine am .

I sip my morning coffee as I write , as usual , and enjoying the slowness of my day  .

Today I have planned to help set posts for the fence , clean and make something with a 5 gallon bucket of pears and make salsa maybe . Clean the house somewhat . OH and those clothes are still in the dyer :)

Ebay is calling my name and saying " free listing this week " .

By Andria Perry

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