Friday, August 28, 2015

A Minimalist - House Plants

I come from a long line of plant lovers, whether its plants that are put straight into the grow out in the garden or plants that produce food . I have herbs growing inside and outside . I also have house plants such as the prayer plant , peace lilies and even Aloe .

But as time passes and you take a broken piece of vine and make a new plant and the house can be filled with houseplants to bring in and out during the season changes . 

I had WAY to many house plants ! But not just to many but to many of  one type, four Peace lilies and most of those came from funerals . This other plant that I do not know the name of I have / Had  six .

Well I have been planning on selling or giving them away for some time, especially this year . Yesterday I loaded the truck and I took one of my tenants a truck load . Several different vines , a peace lily , one of the other plant that I don`t know the name , a tree or it will be a tree I have two and I sent the smaller and That angel hair fern that has become the devil to me because it sheds and the tiny leaves stops up the vacuum cleaner .

Then I stopped at my sister`s house and dropped off two plants for her house, I hope she don`t kill them . She tend to over tend to houseplants .

Now I look out on the front porch and it makes me happy to see fewer . I have a Lemon tree full of lemons and I will bring it inside the day before the first frost .

If I get the green house put up that I have been wanting for years I may make a business with houseplants . I can grow anything . The plus for the green house would be money coming in and less stuff inside my home to collect dust .

What do you think ? Make a business out of plants ?

By Andria Perry

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  1. My brother often says that I could kill kudzu! He would be surprised to see the fern that I have from Caitlin's wedding still living and the begonias that I repotted this spring are thriving!