Thursday, August 6, 2015

Yearly Goals - Check In Time

Every year I make several or four goals to achieve each year . Resolutions . I do think about the areas in my life that I would like to improve and I work on those all year long . I always make the one resolution that will be extremely hard .

Last year I accomplished two out of four .

This year , we are in the eighth month of the year , I try to report each and every month how I am doing .

Number one : Improve my health . I have to say that I have had no choice but to make this happen and this is how . 

I have had diabetes for eight years and until last year I did not take any medication . The doctor put me on a small pill once a day , in January because my numbers are to high and I know because I check the level everyday she upped this medication , double the dose . 

But this did not help and going back in to see this doctor was not going to help because she did not listen to me last time . I changed doctors in May and she put me on a new medication that is working better .

However ,  I still had refills for medication ( hormones ) from the old doctor . When the pharmacy  unexpectedly would not refill that prescription , a week ago , I called for the other six months worth I had coming . No reply to my calls nor the pharmacies calls  , I went to the office was told to leave her a message and nothing . A week and she did not care to call the pharmacy or tell me to come in .  

I dumped her altogether last Friday . I got a new doctor . And I got my hormones after being out three days . Now the bad part , while going in and out of these doctors offices I caught something , I am sick with a cold or something :/ .

But so far this resolution is becoming a success .

Number Two : More Me time and doing what I love .

This one has been an up and down resolution . I have been writing and I love it . But I have not had any time for myself . I feel rushed all the time . I feel like I am living for others and not for me . This resolution needs more work and I have four months to turn this around .

So far this one is a fail .

Number Three : Get better organized .

I can see the mouths falling open because I am a minimalist . I have to say that after living with a hoarder for so long , this cycle is hard to break .He still has a hard time saying no to certain things when he shops , I still struggle with getting rid of things , mostly my dad`s things  but I am so much better than before . 

Receiving an inheritance of furniture  from an elderly cousin in April did not help . I sold most of it and I have a few things on Ebay but for the most part I either kept something and sold what I had or I sold / gave things away . 

I have accomplished my bedroom and the walk in closet , the spare bedroom and that closet . I still have to deal with this office but I have worked on it more of late . I do keep a clean house . Dusting  is my problem keeping up .

I will say accomplished to  this resolution and working on it .

The last , Number Four - Stop cussing .

First let me say I do not cuss everywhere I go . I am cussing when talking to family and friends , but I still want to stop . 

Once an elderly gentleman heard me say " piss " and he said " say urine instead " . Later that evening I was in the kitchen and this adult male went for the pickles with his fingers . I yelled before he could stick his nasty fingers in the jar " Put your nasty fingers in that jar and I will slap the urine out of you ! "  . I thought that elderly man was going to urinate all over himself laughing . BUT I did not cuss .

Stop cussing ? Big fat Fail !

I know I have four months left in this year but wanting to accomplish these goals can carry on for years to come , BUT I do not continue the same resolutions year after year . However I can work on the old ones as well as the new resolutions , sometimes it just happens because you had worked the  year before on what you wanted .

This year I have accomplished one of last years goals of " grow more food and buy less food " . Got this awesome vegetable and fruit garden ! I have canned jelly and jam and  made relish . I have chopped vegetables and froze them , actually I refilled the deep freezer with squash , zucchini and okra so far . I still have to blanch and freeze eggplant , freeze green tomato`s for fried green tomato`s in January . 

And I am still working on one from last year " a new career " . I want a new career , I tried one last year and taking care of the elderly at home is a job I do not want to do again . 

This year I did the selling on Craig`s list and I tripled the money I had invested . I could do a thrift store but I have no plans right now . Instead I pushed for repairs to an empty rental that I was working out of and put someone in that house after almost two years of setting empty , due to previous tenant abuse to that house .

I have started this Blog and I am hoping to start getting paid  to write . I have a short book written and I have not added to this book in the last month . I need to publish by Fall . My deadline for myself .

Do you make resolutions ? Or goals ? I really enjoy pushing for the change I need in my life , sometimes it comes easy and other times not at all .

By Andria Perry

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