Monday, August 10, 2015

A Minimalist - Love It Or Lose It

Sometimes reading a simple quote written by anyone can make you realize " Yes , that is exactly right " . The light came on in your brain , brought you back to reality.

Can you say " Every piece in your home you genuinely love ? " .

I know I can say " Nope " , then I have to think about the fact that I share a home with others . No we are nothing alike and how can I make this clean out work  ? 

This makes me wonder how I can once again get back to being me and shut out the world that is telling me to be this or that , I must have the new and improved when what " I " have I do genuinely love .

Now I am sitting here in my dirty office , ashamed of how it looks , thinking I do not even like  " that " much less love it . What am I going to do about this problem ? Will I do the three boxes ? The sell , the donate and the trash ? I see a book problem beginning again . Can I read all those books I inherited ? They are reference books ?! What about all those ugly pictures with awesome frames for the art? Where do I put them ? Do I get rid of them and " buy " more when I do have this amazing art display in the future ?

Life gets complicated with stuff . It has took me over again and I need freeing .

Get rid of the stockpile to store this junk ? No freakin way ! you have junk that you do not use in your extra closet , I have body wash , soap and shampoo .

Now I will make my game plan ..... " The list " . First I will take a picture of what will sell on Ebay . Post it . If it don`t sell in 30 days , donate it . 

Next these pictures stacked along the wall . Shed ? I do not care if the paper picture gets ruined , I just need that wooden frame .

I think I need to find a trade day and sell some of this stuff , when it won`t sell there , give it away . I do not think anyone on Ebay will pay for shipping on an iron skillet !

I better get to work ! I have a room to clean up and out today !

No one ever said being a minimalist was easy !

By Andria Perry


  1. I threw away some raggedy clothes with holes today. One step at a time!

    1. Yes, one step and then another and your running soon.