Saturday, August 15, 2015

A Minimalist - Bring It On !

I sit here in this office and wonder why ? Then I remember that in life money is a requirement , not exactly for " things or stuff " but for food and  power and water .

My mission was to clean this office and not be ashamed of it and close the door when people come over . But I did not get it done . Instead I decided to bring out more and post it to sell on ebay . 

I have this collection of t-shirts I bought in my travels and I am posting them to sell . I had not intended on wearing them but making a quilt out of them and it would show where I had been plus I would have a nice bed cover . But somewhere down the line I did not get it made and I have them and the batting on a tub , an unfinished project .

What are unfinished projects ? Most of the time junk !

I have a week to post FREE 500 items and till the end of the month to post 500 womens clothing items so I do want to take advantage of the free period I have been given . 

So last night I took photos of ten t-shirts and blouses , put all of them on auction for ten days . 

Lets see how this goes and it`ll determine if I continue to post and sell or donate .

Besides work ( for a living ) and going to the Doctor this past week was a work outside kind of week . I am cleaning and clearing as fall is here , almost . 

I bought fencing and 2 x 4`s and cement from Lowe`s home improvement store and we have been working hard to make an area for the dogs .

I have been putting up the food from the garden and what I buy dirt cheap at Aldi`s . 

Now I think I need to slow down and have a day of cleaning inside this messy , dusty house . 

But as always I do keep the laundry clean and the dishes . those two I absolutely hate to be dirty .

AND I managed to get Tony to install a new Toilet guts so the toilet doesnt run all the time , wasting water. 

How did your week passed go ?


  1. Trying to catch up on sleep and putting some order to the new home. 😀