Saturday, August 8, 2015

A Minimalist - Adventure`s Of A Landlady

August 7 , 2015 

Being a landlady is my job and sometimes things run smoothly and other times they don`t . I am still learning everyday but as with any business that deals with the public , its always changing .

This month for one it was  " my taxes were messed up " and can I pay $$$ amount this time  . Okay ?!  whatever that meant . Believable ? No ! But I am not heartless , I took the partial payment .

The next one is the new guy and I let him know its not a good idea to avoid my first of the month calls , regardless if he has the money or not because that makes me mad . When he did not answer and I was collecting rent from others  I caught him at home . His answer about utility hook up cost was believable and I let him know that this time I can allow him to put the rent off a week to catch up , without late charge but once is it .

It never ceases to amaze me that when I think I have heard it all , I get a new original line . Some people fall for it  hook , line and sinker . I have learned to stay neutral because actions and words don`t match . Eventually the truth is out by words or actions but I will stop now about my secrets to knowing who is lying and who is telling the truth , Landlady secret . 

I am not good on waiting for what is owed to me but I have to manage my money for these types of deals . 

I ran a good business for many years and then I hired someone to collect and keep an eye out for the rentals But I still had to deal with the tenants that did not pay or had to be evicted . For a few years it was all good and things went smoothly .  Then she slacked on her job and my property went down hill . I took it back over a year and a half ago , I made big changes . A couple tenants moved because I added late charges  and I evicted all but one tenant . I redone several houses and  made a new lease / rules and an inspection sheet with photographs of the house . 

I have to say that I have a pretty good bunch of tenants now , they pay and I inspect the houses several times a year . Yes I have Roger Dodger but he is young and learning . I did have a talk with him about better money management , I am not sure if he listened but I said it anyways . And I have the couple of tenants that have hoarding / cleaning  problems but I work with them and they listen to what I have to say .

I did not pick being a landlady , it picked me . Never in a million years would I have thought this shy girl from Oxford , Alabama would be a landlady .

By Andria Perry 


  1. A partial payment is better than no payment! Sorry!

    1. I do agree but if you are not paying rent you do not party in the open where I can see.

  2. You rock, Andria. You are the first land lady writer that I came in contact with. That's cool.

    1. Thank you, I really must get back to writing about my experience , I really wished I could say it all and not be tame but I cannot bring myself to let it all go on line.