Monday, August 17, 2015

A Minimalist - Minimalism Monday

August 17 , 2015

Well , well well .....

Here we are back to the minimalism Monday posts , the day I usually will post my progress and accomplishments for the week past . So you may ask " how did you do ? " and the story goes a lot like this .....

Outside ! I was outside working when I was at home for the most part . There was no question about working outside when I actually had help , slow help but none the less it was help . Yes it was hot and yes I got a couple spots of poison oak but its done and I am proud of the work accomplished . Mowing grass and pulling weeds . Pruning bushes .

The garage is ready and waiting for me now , I will need a pick up and the dump  and I will require help from the hoarder himself . I no longer have to share the garage with my dog .

As far as the inside of my house it is picked up and neat , as far as clean ? Nope . 

Just the same old same old . Laundry cleaned a couple times and the kitchen cleaned daily .  I did add two extra loads of laundry by washing Tony`s quilt and the bathroom rugs . 

I gave my sister a small shelf . I  have sold a book , a pair of shorts and a movie on Ebay but I decided last night to get rid of those items that are listed for a month and not sold .

This week I plan to give away house plants . I have a tenant that loves plants so I am loading her down with four or more and even my sister has decided to take one but I am taking her two .

Not a good inside report for Minimalism Monday . But a good outside report on this minimal Monday .

Now I have a week to see how much de-cluttering I can do !

By Andria Perry

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  1. Monday's and Thursday's are generally wash day here!