Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A Minimalist - The Chores And Life

I used to do a check in every Monday to reflect on how my past week and weekend went with me and what I had accomplished . Then work got in the way of accomplishing anything at home with weekends being my only days to work at home and rest before the coming week of hard labor , I chose rest  . Now  I just post a day of reflection when I actually have something to reflect upon but as work is calming down and is less stressful I will start this back up once again .

Now that mean old July has passed I am seeing a balance returning to my life . That balance of work and home . I am once again working three jobs with two being on line and thats okay with me . I do love a challenge . 

One of those jobs is selling on Ebay and I am beginning to get the hang of it even though I am not happy with this junk sitting in this room , my office , my getaway . It clutter to me. 

Anyways I did manage to get some of the chores done so I will fill you in on the accomplishments of the day . Monday . 

I did want to do work in the office but others in the house took my attention away from this room . I have to be flexible , thats how my life is .

However , I did manage to get three loads of clothing washed and one being the bed sheets . I did manage to get the kitchen cleaned up and all the vegetables from the garden washed and separated .

I got all the Monday mail to the post office and mailed off , some of my clutter to the new owners , thank you eBay . I filed paper work . I clipped and filed the Sunday coupons . I planned my new weeks grocery shopping trip , although I may not shop at all  .

After the dogs walked me I cut the weeds down and cleaned out a flower bed . I cut down the golden rods before they bloomed and removed more weeds . 

I did not cook today , most of the meals were raw and that means when hunger hit we ate fruit or a wrap / sandwich . 

Did you accomplish any major cleaning or clearing last week ?

By Andria Perry

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