Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Minimalist - Work , Work And Work

Yes I said work three times because I am getting work piled in three ways . Now don`t confuse my use of words as a complaint because its not meant that way , I am proud to be working !

Yesterday was not a good day for working in my home and minimalism because I sat planted at the computer writing . I have joined a couple writing sites that pays me back for running my mouth , good deal !

Then I had to answer a few questions about clothing I am selling on Ebay , one was " what is the exact measurements of a pair of shorts ? " . 

Well wouldn`t you know it , I could not find a measuring tape anywhere , we have only one . I went to town and bought one as I dropped out a library book and mailed a letter at the post office ( Y`all know me , I will make good use of the trip and gas spent ) . But I can use the measure tape for the next items I will be posting so it`s all good .

Next was mowing the grass , although I got rained out I did get the spot most needed around my walk ways . I am still not happy with the shed , I got to review it while taking out the push mower .

I do feel overwhelmed at times but I am manging to get things done . When I get the garage back I know I can make the shed look better because I can put what needs to go out there and it won`t be forgotten or lost . 

Today is my real Job and I have no idea how long that will take but I can say I will make it a double , I am taking a small shelf to my sister so that is one more thing GONE !

I really do need one day to clean my home without any distractions . I do not see that day in the near future :/ . I also need a big truck and a free dump day :)

But I have clean kitchen and clean laundry so I reckon I`m good  !

By Andria Perry

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