Monday, August 3, 2015

A Minimalist - Monday

Monday`s have always been busy for me . Whether its cleaning the house after a long weekend or at work .

And .....

Monday`s mean making phone calls and setting up need to be things , for instance ordering medication to pick up . I always call ahead so that I do not have to wait , the place I use don`t have a drive thur . ( okay I hate sick people germs ) 

And ......

Monday`s means going to the post office mailing letters and / or eBay sold items .

And ....

I have books to return to the library this time , who likes to pay late fee`s ? 

And ...

This month the 3rd. fell on a Monday which means that a couple of my tenants get paid today and I have to collect rent . 

One last And ...

I collect for the items I sold to people on the credit , my inheritance  of furniture , Some people wanted it but could not pay all at once so I sold to them as a furniture store would but without interest . Six months and its all paid for .


I really hate when the first of the month falls on a Saturday and so do a couple of my tenants . I did a surprise inspection on one , the lady was not happy but it was passed due . There had been improvements and new broken things aka a window and another hole in the sheet rock . I did tell her that some of those clothes needed to go  and the upstairs had to be cleaned up .

It used to make me mad that people lived this way in my houses but then I realized that not everyone was like me , or taught like I was and my siblings were taught . Especially the younger generation . I took care of my clothing and it never laid in the floor , dirty or clean . As I got older I understood that by taking care of what I have was saving me money because I did not have to buy this same thing over and over , plus I began working at the age of 13 years old , yes babysitting and lawn care , and I knew the value of money .

BUT , it is very disappointing when I see how dirty the walls are . I had just redone this house before she moved in , less than two years ago . Paint had become very expensive , even when you buy it by the five gallon buckets .

Anyways I did make my list and I will have to hand this list to her today and let her know when the next inspection will be to make sure that everything was corrected . 

Now I am off to start my more than busy Monday .

Have a very good week !

By Andria Perry

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  1. Sounds like you will be getting 'er done this Monday!