Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A Minimalist - Curbing The Urge

Some people love the mall with all the pretty shining jewelry and clothing , Ohhh and shoes ! I found out that I have enough of that stuff and I have a new weakness . A new place that I want to shop and I can say that things are much more expensive there .

There will be people who will say " ewww " , okay it`ll be women , but I love to go to the home improvement stores :) 

Walking around looking at all the lumber and I can vision so many thing that I could make with all of it . 

New saws and drills for those jobs I could easily do it myself . 

Looking through all the new paint colors and thinking about what I have at home and it would be a perfect color to make what I have " pop " . 

Lamps ! I love lamps and they have the prettiest lamps and soooo many different types of shades . I always buy my shades at Lowe`s home improvement store . When I think shiny I think of those over head lights . Crystal !

I like the appliance section but I do not even wanna go over there thats just something I hate to have broken and have to replace .

Flooring , this is another section I do browse often . I like whats on the floor and God knows my floors could use an update , new carpet for the bedrooms and some nice hardwood laid in the rest of the house would be fabulous  .

And OMG ! the garden section . I want to design my yard like they do on yard crashers . Flowers everywhere and a pond with fish ! Fire pit and decks , Swimming pools ! 

But I have to keep some grass to ride one of those mowers , you know the bog one that`ll only take 30 minutes to mow the entire lawn , and I would have to have the fence for the dogs and not those little cages either I mean a real fenced in back yard .

I reckon you can guess that Lowe`s and Home depot are now what I call my shopping mall . Well , it is a house in a big metal building waiting to be put together .
Now how will I ever resist the urge to shop ?!

By Andria Perry 


  1. When my girls were babies/toddlers, they loved to be held (or pushed if in buggy or stroller) under the ceiling fans in Lowes. The ceiling fans just fascinated them.

    1. I have noticed children doing that also . I wonder what it is about them ?