Sunday, August 2, 2015

A Minimalist - Stockpile Sunday

August 2 , 2015 

Life is struggle , you have to have food and water to survive . You have to money to buy food and water , unless you are completely off the grid and you only eat what you grow and only drink water from a natural source .

I have a limited income and it varies from month to month because I do run my own business and just because I run my own business does not mean I am rich . I pay my utilities and most of the rest goes back into the business . So I use coupons as money and I stockpile when I can get it free or dirt cheap .

Most weeks I do get something but there are a few off weeks when there are not coupons for anything I use so I skip buying the Sunday news paper and shopping .

However , this week was an excellent week to shop with coupon and get things to add to the stockpile .

Here is what I got and what coupons I used :

Publix grocery store

8 - Wishbone salad dressing 16 ounce $2.55 -On sale buy one get one free - Used $1.00 store coupon on each = .55 for two or $2.20  for all eight. (used one $1.00 off two mft. coupon also )

8 - Kibbles and bits dog food 3. 5 pounds $4.89 - On sale buy one get one free - Used $2.00 off two mft. coupon = $2.89 for two or $11.56 for eight ( 28 pounds )

4 - Jenny O turkey burgers $7.99 - On sale buy one get one free - Used $.75 mft. coupon for each = $6.49 for two or $12.98 for all Four boxes ( 24 burgers ) 

8 - Gwaltly roll sausage $1.00 - 8 ounces - On sale buy one get one free - no coupon = $4.00

Walgreens drug store 

8 - Butter ball turkey bacon $1.99 - On sale $1.29 - Used $1.00 off two mft. coupon = $1.58 for two  or $6.32 for all eight 

Now lets see how much I saved by using coupons to stock up the deep freezer and cabinets .

Total before coupons and sale was - $115.40
I paid - $36.06

A total savings of $79.34

See ! That`s how I use coupons as money and I have a nice stockpile . Hoarding ? Nope not if its food you will eat for months to come and feed your dogs .

By Andria Perry

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  1. This type of savings makes it worth driving 30 minutes each way to a Publix!