Friday, August 21, 2015

A Minimalist - Sad But True

After a couple of weeks of work I finally got caught up today so that I could clean house .

Well I did start late yesterday in the living room and dining room . I got vacuuming done and dusted both rooms . Cleaned off the dining table too ! No more paper work or coupons .

Today I made it a point to dust and vacuum my bedroom , all clothing folded and in the drawers or hung up in the closet .

Next I cleaned the kitchen sink , I gave it a good scrubbing and then moved in to scrub BOTH bathrooms .

Back to the kitchen I swept and mopped .

I shook out the rugs in the laundry room and swept and mopped it .

I took out the recyclables and put them in the car , I took all the trash out . 

I started cleaning the spare bedroom / stockpile room , I put up the dog food stock and moved a few things around but I did not make it to vacuum and dust . 

Now what do I have to give away ? Three boxes of cereal will go tomorrow  , its waiting by the back door. 


My office :

As you know I have things stored in my office to sell on Ebay , well I am not selling anything this week and its bugging me just sitting in the way .

Tomorrow I am taking this stuff out of the house and to the car , if I go into town I will have it to give away .

I cannot handle this clutter anymore .

No it has not been cleaned and is bothering my Chi .

Sorry eBay but selling this junk is not for me , maybe I will sell my books and thats all .

By Andria Perry

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