Tuesday, February 20, 2018

My Minimal Hoarding Life - When We Do Not Feel It

I am sure each one of us have those days when we are just not feeling it. We take a day, or week, and we let things go at home. 

We think, I have to have a break! 

And you are be right. 

Women have so much to do daily and we have our woman issues to deal with as well, so we have to take a day or a few off from time to time to allow our selfs not to be admitted to the hospital due to exhaustion.

The Cleaning :

I have been maintaining. That means keeping the stuff picked up off the floor, washing dishes and keeping the clothes clean.

I do change the bedsheets, that is a must since I am a caregiver and in my home.

But the past week, I have not done any major cleaning here at home due to out of the house working for a living. I have to pack as much work as I can in a few hours and get back home. to the other job, caregiver.

I do find it easier to keep things put away when they are organized, Click Here  to see how easy it can be.

What Went Out?

I do not recall taking anything out last week except the trash and recyclables. 

I recycle to save on the trash bill and to help mother earth Click Here to see what I use, its easy to just fill up and take out.

What Came In? 

I also have not brought anything in, not even food. I am sure I have everything I need right now. 

I have passed up on many good deals for clothing that is on clearance, but I have more clothes than I can wear now, plus I have not cleaned out the closet this year to see what no longer fits or is totally worn out. 

I will say that I usually do find discounts on clothes for Winter this time of the year, If I need something I will buy and have it ready for the following year, after all the styles last for several years.. The key is balance click here to see more, I have seen prices of just $1.99 and in all sizes.

Just because I am becoming a minimalist does not mean I do not like to dress nice, and why not get nice for the least amount of money?

How was your past week? Do anything to get to your cleaning or organizing goals? 

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry - Trash at a rental house

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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

My Minimal Hoarding Life - Minimalism Monday On Tuesday

Working and getting rid of clutter plus cleaning house can be a very hard job to do. You would think that when you are not home so much that things would not need cleaning or the house would stay neat but that is not the case.

I have been juggling two jobs for a couple years now and its hard to clean house but I am managing, even if I just do one little thing each day.

The past week I have had to work full time at both jobs, how? I bring one job with me to do another, the caregiver job.  I will leave him at my uncles house in the neighborhood or he will sit on the porch and chat with the neighbors. If I will not be long he will sit or sleep in the car, but he says its better than staying at home all the time.

The Cleaning :

The past week I did manage to clean, somewhat, and keep the house neat regardless of going out to work.

I changed the bed sheets, washed them, folded and put them away, I have a couple sets for each bed so as soon as I removed the dirty sheets I have a clean set to put back on.

I vacuumed the living room, dining room and my bedroom, I did this one evening after work before I sat down to relax.

I swept the kitchen more than once but that is a must when we cook daily.

I always wash dishes daily, usually after dinner to get them done and out of the way.

I washed a few more loads of laundry and put those away, most of the time I do those on one day unless I work 7 days, that is when I will start a load as soon as I walk into the house coming home from work.

I did the paperwork, filed it and have a pretty clean dining room table but I am still doing taxes so I cannot have it all cleared, not yet.

What Went Out?

I did gather a few more bags of trash up and took it to my sisters trash can, she has pick up, from the yard clean up. I also had several bags for the plastic recycle bin.

I moved some plants into the spare room and I needed to relocate the dehydrator, so I cleaned out a cabinet in the kitchen, wiped it down and put it under there, I do not use it daily but I do use it and I will keep it. 

From that kitchen cabinet I removed plastic storage bowls and ash trays ( Tony does not smoke anymore ) I loaded all that up and gave it to my sister. I told her if she did not want it to give it away, or toss it.

Recyclables. I took all those to the recycle bin except one bag of soda cans and I will take those off when I get another. I usually take two to four at a time and collect money for those.

What Came In? 

The past week was a week of buying only for work and nothing was bought and brought in other than a few food items for the fridge.

So, I have maintained the housework and went to work also. 

At the end of the day, do not forget to sit down and have your cup of coffee :) How was your past week? 

By Andria Perry
Photos By Andria Perry

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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

My Minimal Hoarding Life - Week One and February goal

There are many parts to life and cleaning and having stuff is just one part. This one part can consume our lives if you allow it. Nowadays its very easy to allow stuff to rule us, how well do I know this fact, but we can let go and learn we do not have to live for stuff, get out of the habit of bringing in more things that we really don`t need and taking good care of what we do have.
City dump

Cleaning and getting rid of things. Cleaning and organizing what I keep. And then there is just everyday/weekly cleaning.

I wash laundry twice a week, usually two loads each time and I wash dishes daily, by hand, usually at the end of the day. These two chores are a must for me.

Last week I kept up with the changing the bed sheets once a week for me and twice a week for Tony.

I have made sure to vacuum all the carpets, and sweep the kitchen nightly.

I cleaned both bathrooms.

I make sure I take the trash out daily or very other day, by just doing this my house smells so much better.

February Goals ........

I do make the four resolutions each year and each year I am finding it easier to get them done, if I apply something. I find that breaking them down makes them more doable, I go to each resolution and apply something, anything, to just get it started toward accomplishing the whole resolution. 

Last Month, January, I picked the kitchen and pantry. #3 of the resolutions, clean, organize and remove clutter. I accomplished that monthly goal toward the whole resolution.

Since we have had some really nice days I thought I would make the garage and carport my goal to clean up for February. #3 resolution.

I began this clean up in late January by building a section of the fence but on Saturday Feb. 3rd. I kicked it up a notch and got busy. I worked three hours non stop. I completed another section of fence and I removed everything from under the carport/ shed. At the end of the day I had several piles, one rotten wooden stuff to burn and one plastic to recycle and another of metal stuff to recycle. I had two very large trash bags filled with trash that I took to my sisters trash can.

I parked the car inside this carport! And I only like a 4 foot section of fence to make and erect, then fence will be solid across the back. (I may have a section of fence at the old home place I can put into place here, I have to check that before I buy any more lumber)

I do have another car inside this same carport and beside it is a few things that need to be removed but that should not take an hour to clean up and clear it out and this project is finished.

As far as the debris I removed, I can get that cleaned up in no time also, That is the plan for my Tuesday Feb. 6th.

When I get this goal completed I will make another smaller goal for February toward the big picture, resolution #3.

How do you do life?

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By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

My Minimal Hoarding Life - 2018 January Check In

Wow! A month already gone but that is life, we have to make what we of time because before you know it, time had slipped passed us. Don`t put off what we can do today till tomorrow.

I make four resolutions, or goals, to accomplish each year. Some years I make it with all of them, some years I do not. Usually two are easier and two are harder.

I have began to pick a word, or words, that I try to also apply to my life for the year. This year I chose the words "No Regrets" because I do not want to regret a single thing I go for this year, whether I make it all the way or I fail, I will learn either way and make myself better.

What are my resolutions? 

1- Stop buying - Grow more

Grow more food :

You maybe thinking how in the world can she grow food in the Winter?


I can sow seed inside for an early garden and that is what I have done, I have tomato plants and bell pepper plants, I have cabbage babies and I am waiting for the eggplants to sprout. 

Stop Buying : 

When I say "stop buying" that does not mean just for stockpiling canned goods and the such but also to shopping to "Get something" and I did walk away from shopping for January. 

 Another plus, I only bought newspapers once this whole month for the coupon inserts, saving me $32 (yes Sunday newspapers we up) And that one time I did purchase them I only bought half of what I would usually buy.

I bought no clothes at all.

I feel this resolution was a 100% accomplishment. 

2 - Clear land - Set up rentals

This resolution is one of the harder ones, I am trying to ... hmmm... make myself get out of the habit of thinking I have to do everything myself and hire people to do all the work.

I have not began on this resolution yet.

100% failure.

3 - Clean, declutter and organize

Since it is January and since it has been cold more than its been normal and warm, I have worked inside more than not.

I usually start with the closets and get rid of more stuff that was bought in the past years but this time I looked around and found what was the worst, what I had let go the longest and was in deep dread to do and I started that.

The Kitchen :

I have been dreading cleaning the upper cabinets, why? Those are the hardest for me to do. I have to climb to get those done but I took an evening and I cleaned them with grease lightening.

I have put off finishing the painting of the kitchen, I had half done from years (yes years) ago. This was also harder for me because of my neck pain, I do not talk about it much but I do have a bad neck and upper back. After painting I will hurt but I refuse to allow this to stop me from being clean in the house and keeping it nice. 

I took a week and I got most of the one long wall painted, Trim too!

BUT I still have one small wall left to paint but I have to find someone to help me move the china cabinet away from that wall and then back after I get it painted with two coats of paint.

The Pantry :

While it was for the most part organized some things had made its way into that room that did not belong there so that was put into its place. I also went through every store bought item and made sure it was still in date, what was not went out. I also went through my home canned jars of food and what I felt was past its safe to eat date went out also.

This resolution is a 100% accomplishment.

4 - Take a vacation

Now I am sure this one will be a fail each month till I actually take the vacation and by vacation I do mean a week off and not at home.

But I can take days off or weekends and have mini vacations. 

I have thought about where I would like to go, I have several places in mind but I have not planned any vacations. 

So another 100% fail.

There are my resolutions and how I have worked to make what I want better in my life.

How did you do the first month of 2018?

For more about this months cleaning and work check out :

By Andria Perry
Photos By Andria Perry 

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Saturday, January 27, 2018

My Minimal Hoarding Life - Don`t Burn Out

As we all know when January hits we all have these big and wonderful plans to get like back on track, to clean and organize our homes and life.

So we jump in and begin to make things move, we clean and re-arrange and organize and then.................... There is just to much to do! 

Fast burn out!

And that is why a resolution does not work, we try to hard to make it happen in January.

How do we handle this differently? 

This is where a little planning comes in, lists!

Depending on where you live is how you want to do things. I am in the deep south so I can do somethings people who are in Idaho cannot.

If you are in the snowy area I would suggest cleaning out closets or kitchen cabinets.

The clothing closets seem to take me the longest because I try on most of the clothes so I will either " love it or toss it."

The kitchen cabinets can be just washing up what is not used as often to checking expiration dates on foods.

Since I live in central Alabama I can paint. I love painting the interior of my home, its not as hard as some people think and since I am inside for January I try to get this part done. (Note : its in the 50`s here during the day so I can open the door for fresh air)

A sample of my list would look like this.

Things to do in January :

1- Clean exterior of kitchen cabinets

2- Clean out Kitchen cabinets - interior

3 - Paint kitchen

4 - Rearrange pantry

See how I did that? I stuck to one area so that I would accomplish that area and move in to another room.

What have I accomplished? 

Before painting

The past week was a work week and a work at home week too! 

Monday - I did nothing at home because I was not here all day, I worked away from home with job #2. 

Tuesday things got real, I cleaned the kitchen cabinets. I have to say I have been ashamed of them for some time and there is nothing like grease lightning to get rid of kitchen grease! I did the upper cabinets and then got the lower. I also cleaned out the open face spice rack and cleaned out, removed old foods, from the upper cabinets.

Wednesday - I had to go to work at job #1. Cut up downed trees and removed the debris at the rental house.

After removing tiles and painting.

Thursday  I decided it was time to finish some of the painting that I had started last year. I did have a couple walls already painted and each wall I finished I had do so in the corner so there was not over lapping to mess up the color of the new walls and the old walls. Since I have always hated this little tile border (that I did paint from wine to brown many years ago) I took it down! I cleaned the wall and I painted it.  I also got on the ladder and painted the wall above the cabinets, everything got two coats of paint.  I have only one small wall left to paint and it has the china cabinet in the way. And calking the counter top after removing the tiles. I used a pale gray for my color, it does not clash with the counter tops that will be replaced one day.

Friday  I had a a few errands to run so I did not get to more painting, instead I took a couple of hours in the evening and cut down some bushes and separated junk by the garage. Since we are having a few warm days I am starting on another area that will be cleaned up and used outside. Plus its a good way to get out for fresh air and out of the house.

Saturday - Today . Since the rain got here earlier than I wanted, I will either paint the molding/trim white today or/ and I will organize a little out in the garage.

I do feel like I accomplished a lot last week on my off days, or my working at home days, and each small step I see a huge difference that makes me fool good.

What about housework?

Yes there is always the normal work in the house that has to be done no matter what projects we are going to make our homes nicer.

Usually when I am working away from home and I come home I will do laundry, a load or two, whatever I can handle, and I that chore under control. 

I always wash dishes after dinner, if I skip a night its because I am exhausted and I will do them first thing the next morning.

I also have to change bedsheets once a week, that is for two beds. Tony`s gets it twice a week. 

As far as dusting, vacuuming and the rest of the house cleaning, This week I was good since I have just done all that last weekend.

Click this link to read more about that : Cleaning and Cleansing  

What Went Out? 

This past week a lot went out. Since I cleaned out the top cabinets I tossed all those boxes of foods. As much as I loved those boxes rice meals, I no longer eat them since I am trying my best to control diabetes in this household. I have away the mixes that were still in date. I also game away 5 huge boxes of cheerios, thy are good and still in date. My family benefited from those.

I also had an invasion of ants, so the dogs enjoyed the vanilla wafers and chips the ants were eating. The birds got what they did not want.

I take the trash out just about daily as well as the recyclables. I have almost three trash bags of aluminum cans in the garage that will be recycled for money next week, I try to make sure I have enough to make it worth the trip, or I just drop by when I am in town, I do not make a special trip to recycle.

What Came In? 

Nothing! I did not shop last week at all besides a few fruits and vegetables, diet coke. But that is not something that will stay for very long. :)

Now that is how I get things done and I do not burn out. Each project has a season, if you make the monthly list and use the season you are in I am sure you can accomplish your goals.

By Andria Perry
Photos by Andria Perry

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