Sunday, January 21, 2018

My Minimal Hoarding Life - A Cleaning And A Cleansing

This will not be your normal de-clutter and clean up article today, but I did accomplish that and more. 

Things had gotten very strange here the past month and I did not know why till something happened not once but twice to me and then something totally different happened to Tony.

Let me explain. Some my blow me off like I am a total nut case while others will understand. I do not expect everyone to agree with me or like me, that is just life and I accept that fact.

One  night I was laying in my bed reading, getting sleepy, when I smelled and tasted something nasty. Cigarette smoke. I just whispered " Go away and leave me alone, I can`t help you." I turned over and went to sleep.  I thought nothing else about this, till..... a few days later I was washing dishes and the same thing happened, once again I said the same thing. 

Another evening I was taking a bath in the main bathroom so Tony went to use my bathroom. I could hear him walking back and forth but I didnt really think nothing about that. I came out of the main bathroom and Tony said "I seen a black thing jump off your bed and run into your  bathroom where it disappeared, so I salted your room and the bathroom." I asked "What did you say as you salted the area?" Tony replied " I told it to get the fuck out of here!"

That is when I knew that something was here and was not leaving and Tony said the wrong thing. Time for me to get the cleaning and cleansing up and going.


I started in the spare bedroom, The office and the main bathroom since I have already cleaned those areas the week before. I toss salt in the far corner of the room and work my way around the room, tossing it against the walls to make a solid thin line, going into the closet and back to the doorway, making it last, and drawing a thin line of salt across that doorway to block anything evil from coming back in.  While I am spreading the salt I am saying over and over "In Jesus name all evil spirits must leave."

Next I needed to clean up my bathroom and bedroom so I cleaned the bathroom first, mopping and even washing the rugs. I vacuumed and dusted my bedroom and put away all clothing. I salted those rooms, closet included. 

I got to the entryway to the front door, swept and mopped that area, wiped down the screen door on the inside. I vacuumed and dusted the living room and dining room and I salted those areas, making sure I put a line of salt across the entry to the font door. 

Now I have the kitchen, laundry room and pantry.

After lunch I swept and mopped the kitchen first, wiping off the counter tops and making sure everything is put away. I salted the kitchen, being more careful with the salt to make sure it stays by the wall and not all over the  floor.

I swept and mopped the pantry and then the laundry room, since these two are by the side door they got it last. When the floors dried I salted those rooms leaving the door to outside last. Before I poured the line to block whatever it was from coming back in I tossed salt out the doorway to the outside saying " In Jesus name all evil spirits must leave."

So I cleaned and cleansed the house.

This may sound strange too but I have been battling this flu since the first week of December, I would get better and then bad again, no matter how much I kept the house cleaned and wiped down. Today I woke up and I can breathe, I can take a huge deep breath, no coughing or wheezing. 

What did I do extra? 

I cleaned out the microwave and I cleaned the filters to the vacuum cleaner.

I have kept the paperwork filed! No pile ups so far.

What went out?

Besides some evil spirit, I took out more recyclables that I will toss into the local recycle bin later today.

I took two huge throw pillows and put those in the car, They will go into the yard sale I am planning in the spring, I have began to get that stuff together at the old home place, what does not sell will be donated from there, its much easier for me to take it there instead of piling up here. I am not sure anyone would come to the woods for a yard sale, so it will be in town at the old house.

That is about it on the going stuff, we had snow and I was trapped at home for a couple days so I did not pile the car to full.

What is new?

I have not bought anything new but there is good news about what I am doing that is new.

I have skipped buying the newspaper for coupons two weeks in a row, meaning I am ridding myself of that addiction, however, I will buy them when I see they offer plenty of coupons for animal feed and toilet paper. Seems that one week of the month the inserts are good and that will be the only time I buy them. So far this is 3 months in a row that I have been staying away from coupons. 

Resolution #1 - Stop buying. I did not make this resolution for nothing.

Train the brain!

This is the hard part, always had been. Training your brain to say no. I have found that if I put a huge goal on something and I fail I will slip back into old ways and then after a while have to start it all over again.

"So how do I get out of this cycle?" 

I think of something I want badly. Something big. Something I have always dreamed of and I stop myself before I buy that shirt, or go out to eat when I have a fridge filled with food. I put that money aside and I do not allow myself to spend it.

I am thinking before acting. I am working my butt off and not for more junk weekly, but for that one special thing. I applied meaning to why I am working, not to just survive but to get that "big" what I want.

It is hard but I am doing it, second week and I am doing it!

By Andria Perry
Photos by Andria Perry

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Monday, January 15, 2018

My Minimal Hoarding Life - Clean it - Organize it

Those are the words stuck in my head. Repeat the words and do. Clean it, organize it. Clean it, organize it.

January 8, 2018

I worked on Monday so I did not get much accomplished as far as cleaning or organizing. And I did add to the stockpile but before you roll your eyes and think " this is a joke!" let me tell you what the stock was.

Toilet paper and washing liquid. Cough syrup and over the counter cold medications. Since we are sick right now we needed the over the counter stuff and it was dirt cheap with coupons.  I should not even have to explain toilet paper or washing liquid! That stuff is always being brought in.

With me bringing in stuff, no matter what it is, something has to go out. I am trying my best to stick to this, hard but I am sure its doable.

January 9, 2018

On Tuesday I went by my sisters house and I dropped off one bottle of the scented All washing liquid, I also gave her a bottle of Palmolive dish washing liquid. From cleaning out the office/ ebay closet I gave her a grocery sack filled with T-shirts. From the pantry I have her three packs of Knorr noodles and a box of Zatarain`s rice mix.

Later Tuesday evening I cleaned out another kitchen cabinet. It was boxed foods, rice mixes , pasta mixes and potato mixes. Since I am not allowed any of those with diabetes I will give them away or if they are expired I will cook them for the animals. All that went back in was a bag of croutons. I think I will rearrange the dishes and put not used as often dishes up there.

January 10, 2018

Wednesday - Since I had to go into work mid day, and run errands for medication I did not get as much accomplished as I intended.

Nonetheless, I did three loads of laundry that included washing, drying, folding and putting them all away. Changed Tony`s bed sheets (part of the laundry did) and cleaned the kitchen, meaning washing all the dirty dishes, by hand, from cooking all day, drying them and putting them away.

January 11, 2018

Thursday - My off day, My day to do whatever. For the most part I did not clean the house but worked with my plants. I have seedlings and they were repotted, well some of them were.

The rest of the evening was ruined by a neighbor.

January 12, 2019 

Friday - I got up early but not to do anything around the house, I had places to go and get things done before the three day weekend began. 

I bought diet cokes and produce from Aldi and that was all the shopping I did.

Later in the evening I got a phone call from someone I had tried to make connect with earlier and he asked could he come to my home for a meeting on Saturday, Of coarse!

So I cleaned the house. Mostly it was just stuff needed to be put away. I swept the floors and took out the trash. I picked up the scattered paperwork I was working on and put it neatly on the dining table. Washed up all the dishes. Nothing major.

January 13, 2018

Saturday - since I had company coming I did not start any cleaning or chores. He spent most of the day here talking and getting his I`s dotted and his T`s crossed. When the day was over he was after dark so I just rested and went to bed early.

January 14, 2018

Sunday - Since the house was still in good shape I did not do that much.

I changed my bed sheets and Tony`s bed sheets and washed those, dried and folded and put them away.

I did not feel like cooking so I took Tony out for fish, I had shrimp so minimal dishes to wash and pot away.

I did not buy any newspapers today for coupons because after previewing the inserts I do not use anything offered with coupons this week.

What Came In And Went Out 

Sunday I did scan the CVS and Walgreen sales paper online. 

At CVS I needed to restock the Boost for Tony and I got four 6 packs for $7.00. I bought nothing else.

At Walgreens I wanted a couple cans of pink Salmon at 2 for $5 and a couple packs of butterball turkey bacon 2 packs for $2 so I spent $7.70 there.

I have to say that th past few days nothing went out but trash and recyclables. There was just to much going on to start ripping the closets apart, or even loading the car with things that needs to go. I am sure that I will get something accomplished this coming week.

How did you manage last week? 

By Andria Perry
Photos by Andria Perry

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Sunday, January 7, 2018

My Minimal Hoarding Life - The First Week

Clean and organize. Yep that is the plan and yep since its just the first week of the new year I am keeping that resolution! I am sure it will be the easiest of the four that I made for 2018

To read more about resolutions click here : New Year 2018

I have been keeping up with getting rid of something daily, even if it is recyclables.

January first - I filled the car with recyclables and two old pair of shoes.  I vacuumed and dusted my bedroom. I scrubbed my bathroom.

January second - I took all the trash out and I gave the dogs cans of beef stew that I was not going to eat because I did not like it.

January third - and January forth - I do not recall what I took out, I think it was just the trash and a bag of  soda cans.

January forth - I did some major cleaning, I did one section of the kitchen cabinet and I got another bag of plastic containers to get rid of, they wait by the back door till morning.

I washed and dried three loads of laundry and I folded and put every single load away.

January fifth - I took the bag of plastic bowls to the recycle bin. I also gave away a 12 pack carton of Grape soda because I had bought it for Tony but his diabetes stuck around and he cannot drink it. I worked the rest of the day at my day job.

January sixth - I vacuumed the living room and dining room. I cleaned the small bathroom, scrubbing the tub, sink and toilet. Next I took down the shower curtain and liner and replaced it with a new printed shower curtain/ liner combo. I also changed the bath rug. I do this every now and then for a change up. I am not sure about the new liner print I got, I am glad I only paid a dollar in case I cannot handle the pattern.

I had made a plan for one of the closets that I cleaned last January, the office closet. I have/had clothing that I was selling on Ebay stored in this closet, some sold and some did not.

 So I cleaned out all those clothes, washing them and putting them in the yard sale tub for that Springtime yard sale, if they do not sell then, off to the donation bin they will go. I laid out several that seemed to have shrank for my sister, those will be put in the car for the return to her house in a couple days. I am also sending her a bottle of the washing liquid I have in stock. This closet has only a couple coats left hanging.

I gathered trash and recyclables and took those out.

January Seventh - Today. I am about to dust this office as well as the spare bedroom, that is a for sure.

I will clip coupons (for toilet paper, animal feed and washing Liquid) and file the rest. I will not be stockpiling any food for a long time.

I will file paperwork as well.

That is something else I have been doing a very good job with, keeping all the paperwork filed and not allowing it to pile up.

While it seems as though I am doing a lot around here, I`m not. I am just working an hour or so in the morning and an hour or so in the evening. That seems to be working out with keeping this place cleaner and getting rid of junk too.

How has your first week of the year been?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

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Monday, January 1, 2018

My Minimal Hoarding Life - New Year New Goals

Here we are the first day of a new year, 2018. As I reflect back on the year of 2017 I can say I learned many things good and bad. But I let all that go and start anew.

The last day of last year I did a major cleaning. I got the kitchen, dining room, my bedroom and the living room dusted and vacuumed. I also got  my bathroom that was in a desperate need of cleaning.

I washed and dried several loads of laundry, folded and put them away.

I filed all the paper work and got the recycling ready.

New Years Day :

I woke early and had my coffee while I left " Happy New Year" messages for all my friends.

I sat down and I wrote out my four new resolutions, I had to think about it for a few minutes and then I just wrote them out, not as hard as the ones for last year.

I then began to do number three on the list, " clean, declutter and organize my home" again. I got behind last year so now its catch up time. I started with the spare bedroom and I got everything that was pulled out out back into that closet. I had bought a package of sweater box tubs  to use and I filled two with stuff from a long flat tub and used it for Tony`s fishing tackle he has hoarded. Why? he always says he does not have that color so its my mission to show him what he does have so he will not buy the same thing over and over.

Next was the office, I cleaned off the desk and put things back into their places.

I took the recyclables and the garbage out, no need for it to wait till tomorrow, it in the car and ready to go.

I intend to vacuum and dust both room today, January first.

What are the new resolutions for 2018 ? 

1- Stop buying - Grow more

Actually I did this a few years back, I had a nice stockpile and it needed to be used, I have a nice stockpile now and I need to use it up. I also aim to grow more and home can it instead of buying. Plus I want to just stop buying junk. No impulse buys.

2 - Clear land - Set up rentals

I have some land that is just sitting not making any money and I am still paying yearly taxes that needs to be cleared and some type of rentals set up, whether it be trailers or small houses. One already has water lines and a septic tank so I can make three more and have a nice little area going.

3 - Clean, declutter and organize

This goes deeper than just the daily cleaning. I want to have this place so minimal that I can pick up and move anytime I take a notion .  I also need to paint the interior and the exterior. Clear out bushes and make it neat and clean once again.

4 - Take a vacation.

Its been so many years since I had a nice vacation. I will be looking into a vacation some time this year. I want to visit some place I have never been before. 

And there you are! My 2018 resolutions. 

No I will pick the words for my year, they are "No regrets!" I will do everything and not regret any of it.

How about you? got resolutions or goals?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry
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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The 2017 Resolutions - How Did I Do For The Year Past?

Its now the end of the 2017 year and I am ready to reflect on what I did accomplish and what I did not and see if I can find reason why I failed.

Life is so unpredictable that sometimes we will get off track, not because we want to but because we do not have a choice, and 2017 was one hell`va ride for me.

Now lets take a look back, At December too, to see just what I did get done toward my resolutions for the year, remember I make two easy and two hard each year, sometimes I make them all but more than likely its three out of four.

This year I also picked a word for my year, what I wish to accomplish. My word for the year is : Satisfaction. I picked this word because I want to feel satisfied with everything I do in the year 2017.

My 2017 resolutions are :

1 - Buy Solar Panels and the accessories - Get off the grid

Nope! I did not do anything toward this resolution in December. But I did learn a valuable lesson. We had a snow storm come through that left us with around 8 inches of snow and we lost power. Losing power meant no heat at all and the only lights I had were 4 solar power lights I bought for the outdoors and candles. Having no heat was the worst! 

Although I do have a fireplace it has never been checked out, so after 24 hours without heat Tony looked up inside and ok`ed it and we fired it up.

To cook I do have a gas grill so that was not the problem, Plus he did go and buy us food more than once.

So either I get some type of solar power going here sooner than later or I will convert this total electric home into more gas powered and more wood burning, especially for heat.

There is nothing like a couple days of getting kicked in the butt to make things come together.

This resolution is a fail for the year of 2017

 2 - Write more- Finish the book and write another. Blog more for money

Once again in December I did not accomplish anything as far as writing. Why? Two weeks of the month I was sick with the flu. I could barely eat much less set up and write.

As for the year of 2017 this is a complete fail, I was to busy or to lazy.

However, I did set up google adsense and Amazon on my blogs, no money made yet but I have to start somewhere.

3 - Lose 25 pounds and get back on a vegetarian diet

Well December I did drop a few pounds but it was from being sick. 

But how much did I drop for the year? Did I make it back to vegetarian?

No and No.

However I did drop 10 pounds and I kept that off and I have been eating more and more animal free meals.

As for the year of 2017 this resolution was 40% accomplished.

4 - Learn to ask people for help

I can say that I did not and probably will not be asking people for any help. Not that some people won`t help but most are the type that says "How will I benefit?" so I walk away from this ever happening.

As for the year of 2017 this resolution was 100% fail.

I did make some pretty big resolutions for 2017 even though I was a 24/7 caregiver and a full time landlady, Plus running the homestead alone.

I hit rock bottom a couple of times in 2017 and I have often questioned should I stay where I am or cut my losses and move on. 2018 Will be the year of many decisions, most of them in January because time is money, either saved or wasted.

How did you do on your resolutions for 2017? What about your word?  My word "satisfaction" was indeed accomplished because I did get satisfaction for the work I did all year.

By Andria Perry
Photos By Andria Perry

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

My Minimal Hoarding Life - Life In December

Ahhhh, here we are in December, one of the busiest months of the year. Parties! Friends and family coming over. A clean and decorated home.


Not so much.

The past few weeks were planned to perfection, do this first and then that, Line up the baking and get those cookies delivered. 

Clean up the house because of those unexpected guest and so on.


Its snows and takes the power, you cannot do much without power or heat.

The next week is those stacked appointments, get those out of the way and we are good to go till next year.


You get sick. Yes, you caught the flu and it puts you down! I mean down and you do not care to get back up, who cares about clean and neat? Who cares about food? 

Now here I am just a five days from Christmas and I have nothing accomplished but staying alive.


Ya know what? None of it matters. I have been slow and steady all year and although I am not pleased with the house not being cleaned and clear of clutter for Christmas, it really does not matter.

I did not clean the house.

I did not clean out the car and get it to my sisters.

I did not clean out the other car and get it to the repair shop.

I did not get Tony`s truck cleaned and listed for sale.

I did not bake anything! 

I did not do anything at all.


I will make the best of Christmas and cook a wonderful meal. 

Bake, next week and give the cookies out with love and not with the flu attached. 

I also plan to set this very nice fake Christmas tree I have out on the deck and give it a good rinse off to remove dust before storing another year.

And there, that is how life happens sometimes. 

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

By Andria Perry
Photo by Andria Perry

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