Saturday, August 1, 2015

A Minimalist - Adventure`s Of A Landlady And More

The minimalist in me is kicking the butt of hoarder in me .

I know most people have seen those pictures or T. V. shows of the devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other talking it out what is best and what is not and which one wins . In a way that has been what I have been doing with the inherited " stuff " . I really don`t want ALL of it so I want to sell it , but then no one whats to pay for it but wants it for free . 

I am giving in and saying " you want this ? " . I feel much better now that I have gotten rid of nearly all of it and I know it went to people who wanted and could use it . I kept a few things that I do like and I am using .

I took a car load of stuff yesterday to a tenant and she was happy to get it . 

I also shared more fresh produce with people aka tenants . I know I cannot use all of this food and God blessed me with more than enough so I am sharing . 

But I have to be careful about who I give stuff out to because two of my tenants , maybe three , have hoarding tendency`s . My elderly ladies are bad about clothing and not cleaning ( saving plastic milk jugs !? ). Then I have a young lady that has the type of hoarding tendency that is the worst , trash and stuff mixed together just tossed around . I also have a newer tenant and as I inspect I see that there is a possibility that she is becoming a hoarder also and its with clothing , I have noticed that the man of this house is pretty much the housekeeper and bread winner . These are the tenants that I do not really give stuff to when I have more than enough stuff , but I will take them fresh produce .

I have decided not to pursue a career in selling things on eBay . It would mean that I have to keep this clutter till it sells . I am sure I can manage to find another type of work to do on line that won`t involve keeping stuff until . I will wait till a couple of the auction style posts run out ( I do have 2 items sold ) and then I will remove the clothing that is not selling and give it away .

Do you make money on line and if so how and is the money good ?

By Andria Perry

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