Sunday, September 6, 2015

A Minimalist - Off With The .....

Okay I am not going to behead anyone but I swear sometimes I want to take a walk with a backpack and never look back .

I am so regretting the inheritance ! I cannot seem to get everything in a place because its to much ...... junk . I have been giving more stuff away that came from that huge mess . Right at this minute if I were to move it would take a twenty foot U-haul and it would be packed, thats no good for me .

I took out a couple things and put them in the trunk of the car so when I go back into the neighborhood of my rentals I am giving to those I know can use the stuff  . 

I am almost to the point of tossing out the frames for the paintings because I have no where to put them . 

A couple days ago I took my sister 12 plastic clothes hangers and I am taking her more clothes this coming week . I have cereal and soup to give to the poor .

I need to make a run to the nursing home and get rid of the shampoo, deodorants and body wash that I have been saving up for the trip up the mountain that I do a few times a year for Tony`s niece that lives there .

So how do I get myself in these predicaments ? I have been good about saying no to stuff and only buying things that will make life better or I can get rid of something old when I bring in a new item. 

I think I need to redo a few things I have organized and toss more of it .

I need to remind myself and practice what I preach, so I went back to what I wrote and read it over again . 

By Andria Perry


  1. That is where I am at withthe stuff in the shed. i am ready to get my shed back. It was moved. Now time to get rid of a bunch of it tomorrow on big junk day. I know the junkers around town will take most of it. So, i am not worried about it ending up in the dump.

    1. When I lived in the city I used to set things out on the sidewalk with a sign " free " and it would be gone by morning .

  2. Cleaning out closets and drawers is a constant chore!

    1. I know ! I wonder why we do that ?!