Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Minimalist - Dont Just Move It !

Since we are talking about the clutter bug or rather " our hoards " I have to say I have did this myself once , cleaned that messed up room and became so proud of myself only to walk into the next three rooms and have them bombarded with what was in that room. 

I will say its easier to clean one room at a time but before we make that big move we also need to think about where all that stuff is going ?

Some people chose to keep their stuff and have massive yard sales , some people donate everything to battered women and children centers or homeless shelters , some people rent storage sheds because they are not ready to part with their stuff .

I chose to do two things : One is to have a yard sale and two is donate after its over . 

At one time I had so much stuff that I had a yard sale , made a couple hundred dollars back and then I gave ALL the stuff to this family for them to have a yard sale ( different town ) and they made money . After they were finished they donated what was left . I did this more than one time , yes I had a nice hoard of new items .

So when you do watch those shows on T.V. and they set up " piles " , it does work and be ready to take it out the same day that you clean that room . 

1 ) Trash out !

2 ) Donations in the car / truck and take them to the place .

3 ) Yard sale stuff should be stored in an area , in tubs , garbage bags etc. for no longer than a month , have that sale and get money back !

I look forward to hearing you feedback !

By Andria Perry

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