Monday, June 29, 2015

A Minimalist - Journal - A New Week

June 29 ,2015

Last week I did have big plans to get more done and not in just the getting rid of things department but also in the cleaning department . But as life would have it I got sick with that horrible virus , it did not take full hold but it did make me hurt and I slept for days off and on .

BUT .....

I did manage to do a little the past couple of days but not as much as I would usually do .

I kept the clothing washed and dried , a couple of loads did not get folded . Sunday I felt somewhat better so I did two loads and was able to fold them and out them away .

With Tony`s help the dishes got done daily , again yesterday I washed , dried and put them away after each meal. I did sweep the floor a couple times but I did not get to mop .

I began to clean in the living room and dining room with vacuuming first but thats as much as I got done in there besides picking up behind myself and Tony .

I clipped my coupons and have them sorted into groups . I have not filed them yet because I have not asked my friends if they need any that I do not use . I will do that today .

But at least I feel better right now and I hope that today and this week is more productive . I have to work later today and for the most part all week .

How did you manage the week past ?

By Andria Perry 


  1. I'll be sure to stop by and read some more of these. I want to clean too and this inspirational for me.