Friday, June 26, 2015

A Minimalist - Junk Drawers

To the old dreaded junk drawer , the I don`t care toss it in and forget about it drawer . The drawer that should not exist .

I think everyone has one in their home , some people I know had two or three junk drawers because they were not organized .

I can say that I don`t have a junk drawer anymore , I took the stuff I considered that did not have a place and made a place for it .

Pencils and ink pens , rubber bands , loose screws and nails , well that list could go on and on . 

Here is the easy fix , buy a drawer organizer ! Its slotted much like the kind you buy for spoons and forks . As for all those pens and pencils I tend to buy one of the school pencil boxes and keep those in the office as well as rubber bands .

By investing in drawer organizers you will save more money and time . No more " I can`t find it " . You will walk right to the item you want . No more buying more of what you already have , hoarding and not realizing it .

By Andria Perry

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  1. My boyfriend tosses anything in a draw and expects me to remember where it is at. My oldest son is just as bad when they clean. I tend to go through the junk drawers and keep what i want and throw the rest away. Otherwise I tend to toss them all in boxes and store them in the shed. It is hard living with someone who doesn't like to be as organized as me.