Friday, June 26, 2015

A Minimalist - Bathrooms

This is one room that often gets over looked and it should be up there next to " kitchen " when it comes to minimalism and cleanliness .

The bathroom .

Anyone ever seen people post photographs and they are in the bathroom using the mirror for that photo and you can see what is on their counter top ?  I am always amazed at the crap put out in a bathroom !

My old lady that just passed away , I had the pleasure of cleaning up a bathroom like that , every single grooming item owned was sat out ! On the counter top .

My thoughts are nasty , nasty and more nasty ! This is a place that needs to be wiped down on the regular . We release waste from out bodies in this room . We remove decaying food out of teeth and spit . We bandage bloody wounds in this room . We comb or brush out hair in this room , hair flying everywhere .

You cant` wipe all that off of those bottles of make up and lipsticks , your toothbrush ! 

Sure I have a bottle of shampoo and conditioner in the tub area but my counter tops have nothing but a candle on it and a bottle of hand soap .

Another nasty for the bathroom , setting toilet paper out next to the toilet , rolls and rolls of it in a cute little basket for people to spray urine on top off and then a wipe your underside with that .

Bathrooms should not be a showcase of all the things you use on your body .  Put it away in the drawer or linen closet . Underneath the sink anywhere but on top of your counter .

Wake up and think about it ! Germs are germs and we don`t want them recycled in an endless cycle .

By Andria Perry

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