Friday, June 19, 2015

A Minimalist - Deal With Clutter

I know you have heard this a million times and its not " EASY " at all .

Declutter ?! But thats my stuff , I am not just going to throw it away , right ?!

I agree .

I put time and money into this stuff so why do I want to toss it away like its nothing ? I won`t and I am not .

The first step is not to declutter but to admit to yourself you have a problem , a spending problem . BUT I am not here to preach about spending to much money on stuff that you already know you do not need .

I will tell you that I was exactly the same , I did shopping as a social get together . Me and my girlfriends going to the mall , laughing at all the ugly clothes and then dying in the floor laughing when you watched someone buy that hot mess .

How can you stop? Retrain your brain or tape and watch a marathon of hoarding buried alive . 

Seriously , you have to find new ways to be social . Try getting a manni instead and having lunch . Or Skip going near a shopping anything and get together in the park and take walks and talk . Do an art show ( not to buy but to look ) .

But my all time favorite thing to do when I want to stop myself from over shopping is clean out the closet or cabinets . I swear it works every time.

I look forward to your feedback :)

By Andria Perry

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