Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Minimalist - Making Time

I will call it making time but actually its giving a little time .

A little time to love your home .

 A little time to get some things cleaned . 

A little time to open that drawer and take something out to get rid of .

A little time to fold and put the clothes away .

Now how do you get the time ? With children in the house its hard not to get distracted . 

Wait a minute ! With children in the house you have help ! 

Now I am not talking about you sitting around while they do what you tell them . I mean help as you all working together as a family , get it done and have the rest of the day FREE !

No children in the house ? If you can make just thirty minutes to an hour  a day , morning or night for cleaning,  de-cluttering or organizing you will be amazed at the results in no time .

Take a little time to have pride in how you live , Its so worth it .

By Andria Perry

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