Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Minimalist - Throw Rugs

We all have throw rugs around . Some at each door to catch the wet feet and mud before it makes it into out homes .

Most everyone has throw rugs in the bathroom , one by the tub and one around the toilet .

I know I have one in front of the kitchen sink to stand on while I do dishes .

As wonderful as throw rugs are they are also some nasty germ catchers . The dirt collectors at the doors , the kitchen food catcher and the worst one ever is the urine catching around the toilet rug .

I personally wash mine ever couple of weeks , I know some people think " well that will wear them out " ,  But when I weigh the pro`s and con`s washing always wins and when they do need to be discarded you can donate them to the animal shelters after you have washed them and replace with clean germ free throw rugs . 

This is one area I have to make sure I am not letting filthy germs roam through my home.

What is you opinion , I would to hear you .

By Andria Perry 

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