Friday, June 19, 2015

A Minimalist - Now To The Clutter

You have admitted you spend to much money and you allow yourself to step up and begin to heal  but you still have ten of those pull over shirts all in the same color .

I always like to start with my closet because its all my stuff and no one can say they want to keep this or that , It`s all up to me and I am in control of what I won`t wear anymore and what I " wished  " I could still wear and what I refuse to part with . ALL my decisions . All my thoughts that no one can read . 

I have three types of clothes : Work clothes that look like hell , Casual going out of the house clothes and very dressy for church / funerals / going out on the town .

Because I am a landlady by day I am always working around the rentals and I need to keep ragged clothes so I don`t care if I get paint on me But I can tell you its hard to part with those nasty old ragged clothes ! I had to have a funeral for a couple of my favorite work shirts because there was so many hole the new was up and the fabric was " hanging " . 

But I did it ! I cleaned the closet out first and it took me two days !
And that is okay . I have what I love and none of the other clothes in the way so I can just walk in and get dressed without fuss . 

Next pick another area and if you want , include the family . You will be surprised what they do not care for anymore .

What to do with all those clothes ? Yard sale ! eBay ! Craig`s list ! Or how about some of those groups on FaceBook , I sell a lot of all those sites and in yard sales . At least I am getting back some of the money I wasted . I have a savings account for what I make back , when I am finished I am using the money for a vacation :)

I look forward to hearing your feedback :)

Photo By Andria Perry

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