Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Minimalist - Your Style

I am sure I can hit home with what I am about to say and I know that they thought good thoughts but I don`t like that .

For years I lived life of hand me downs . People was always giving me stuff , stuff they did not want anymore , their style !

This is a true story about how I am finding my style from just listening to words from another`s mouth , place was at my old home place , I lived there for 23 years .

This friend came over with his new wife and I invited her into my kitchen for coffee while the guys talked hunting in the living room . She sat down and looked around and said " Wow this looks just like my grandmothers kitchen " . I was speechless ! After she left I walked into my kitchen and seen what she was saying , I did have a nice collection of antiques .

I slept on those words that was still nagging at me the next day and I realized I did like other styles and this was what came to mind " so -so gave me that , and so-so gave me this " This was actually someone else`s style that was pushed on me !

I can tell you I did a major pack up . I bought tubs and I packed up all the old stuff and I started new , but just in that kitchen . BUT it was a start .

Now that you may have all the old stuff ready to go , make sure you decorate in what you like and settle for no less ! It will only stay clean if you enjoy your surrounding .

By Andria Perry 

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