Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Minimalist - Children And Stuff - Two

Children get attached to things easily and we do not help by buying them things they really do not need when they already have enough stuff to fill a thrift store .

If you are the selling type like I am then maybe this will work for you and your child .

Let your child know there is to much stuff in the house so you are going to have a yard sale , hand them a box and ask him / her to fill it to the top with things that want to sell and let them know THEY get to keep the money . Let them deal with the toys and you and the child go through the clothing . You will be surprised what a two or three year old will get rid of in the clothing department .

When you set up for the yard sale make sure to set the child his section up away from your stuff and if the child is old enough let them sell their own stuff at the price you set .

With the money he / she made let them either start a savings account at the bank or take them out for a night on the town .

Next post will be about how to maintain a child room after the clutter is removed .

By Andria Perry

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