Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Minimalist - Don`t Beat Yourself Up

Since no one in this world is perfect its okay to fail , just get back up and get back to what your dream is for your home and life.

Sometimes I will go months without getting rid of stuff that I know I should not hoard back . And then one day I have time and I make a go at it again . We do have to remember that this mess ( our hoards )  we created did not happen in a day or a week but years .

I do know that some days I just want to have a dumpster pull up to the window and I want to toss it all out but I know thats not how life is and I have to keep some things to make life better , its the choosing  that is the hardest part .

But I know that after a little while you begin to breathe better and feel better not just about having pride in your home but in yourself for making good decisions .

That stuff is not ruling your life anymore and you are in control .

Learning how much is enough don`t come easy , it will take time .

By Andria Perry

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