Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Minimalist - That Kitchen

I am a cook by nature . I love to cook and create in the kitchen so this is where my downfall is at for the most part . 

I would see that advertisement for the newest , fastest , easiest way to prep that I just " had " to have this gadget !

In the end I found myself not using it and it poked under the cabinet to collect kitchen dust / grease .

Next was the dishes , I would find this set that was just beautiful and buy them . A while would pass and I would find this other set that was just beautiful so I put the other dishes I loved on the top shelf and used the new ones . And it continues .

At my worst I owned five full sets of dishes . Some moved from the kitchen to the tub in the basement . I had a serious problem .

When I decided to start clearing things out I asked my sister first " do you need dishes ? " She told me her boyfriend did so I have him a full set of dishes with the serving bowls and platter .

Next I had a yard sale and I sold all of them except one set .

Now I had all the blenders , food processors , This thingy that miracle kitchen have to have .... they had to go .  No I did not leave my shelf bare . I gave the processor away , I put the blinder in the yard sale stuff ( if it doesn`t sell it will be donated ) I tossed all those gadgets together and gave them away . Instead of 50 things to make my life easier in the kitchen I bought one item , a ninja 2-1 food processor and blender . Its small compact and get the job done .

I will say this was one of the hardest things I did , cleaning out the kitchen because for some reason I thought I needed all of that stuff to make daily meals and I didn`t .

By Andria Perry

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