Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Minimalist - A Place For Everything

This to me is the most important part after cleaning out the hoard .

Being organized ! 

Living in the same household as someone that wants to see everything is the biggest challenge I have ever dealt with . But every year I find a new way to conquer their fear of not being able to find their stuff .

For me its assigned areas . 

He had a bad habit of putting his stuff in drawers with his clothing so if he was looking for something everything in the drawer was tossed around to find what he was looking for , if not in that drawer move down to the next . 

Solution ? Clear tubs . I bought many of the small shoe box size, clear tubs . And I put alike stuff in each with a label at the end on each and then I put it in his line of view which is the top shelf of the closet .

Since I did this his drawers are for clothing and nothing else . 

As for myself I did the same , I have many music CD`s as well as photo CD`s . I separated those and put them in the small shoe box size, clear tubs . I keep those in the office area of my home ( closet ) because that is where I view the photo CD`s and I listen to the music Cd`s .

Why did I do the small tubs ? because they are easy to handle and rearrange . If the tubs are to big you will not feel like moving those heavy things and just go buy what you was looking for and that begins the hoarding cycle again .

As for the closets for the clothing and shoes I also keep the shoes in the small shoe box size, clear tubs . But Since I do not wear my " super dressy " clothes except for funerals I keep those in a CLEAR medium size tub . As for every day shorts / sweats and pull over t`s I use the chest of drawers for those .

Do you think you could do this ?

By Andria Perry

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